Where Should I Study Today?


Do you often wander around campus searching for a place to set down your books and spend a fun-filled day studying? Erasmus University has a large selection of study areas… you just have to know where to look.


  1. Polak Library


You all know the new library – it is a great place to be as it is newly built with lots of open plan space and light however, as a result of it being a lovely place to study there is often not a lot of space left to study in, especially if you get there after 10:00am. If you don’t want to be distracted, the 5th floor is a silent study area. If you feel like getting comfortable on the 1st floor there are arm chairs and if you need to work as a group you can sneak into one of the classrooms and claim it as your own.

Tip: If the library is busy and you are looking for a space I recommend taking the elevator up to the 5th floor and walk down from there circling every floor as you go – it saves the energy of walking up all the stairs.

  1. V Building
  2. M Building/Van der Groot


When people think of the M building they often think of Exams. However, there are some great study stops to be utilised. On every floor there are a many long tables and a few high tables and chairs. Although open to everyone it is not used by many people which means  generous work space and a guaranteed seat (or at least this has been my experience). It is more of a quiet area than a silent area and as a result allows for group work and quite studying. The 2nd floor of M building is connected through a walkway to the 3rd floor of T-building meaning that if you are studying in M and have a class in T your don’t even have to go outside!

  1. C Building/Theil Building

C Building has many study areas all of which are nice. There are booths and desks good for group or solo work time. It tends to stay about the same amount of busy throughout the day so you don’t have to worry about getting there at any particular time. There is a nice coffee stand in the centre of C hall which provides a good study break distraction if one is needed.

  1. G Building

Some of you may not know where G building is. If you haven’t had a class there it is very unlikely that you have gone inside. It is right at the far end of campus really out of the way of everything else. It has a large communal study area and individual study sections where you can go to not be disturbed.

  1. Sports Building

The sports building may seem like an odd place to study. It is kind of out of the way from the rest of uni but it has loads to tables that are often not being used, which makes it a good place for group work. It also has easy access to food but unfortunately not to plug sockets. It probably best used when literally everywhere else on campus is full or perhaps if you are waiting for a class or have plans to go to the gym later. Unfortunately, the wifi leaves something to be desired!


Cafeteria Options:

  1. Erasmus Paviljoen

There are two sides to the Erasmus Paviljoen. The food area has a great atmosphere for group work as everyone around you is also talking you are not disturbing anyone. And importantly there is very easy access to good food and drink! However, the space tends to get quite busy at lunchtime and therefore noisey.


The study side of the Paviljoen is a silent area with 2 rows of tables. It is a lovely light filled area to study in and despite its limited space is often not busy. Both sides have plug sockets in the floor so your laptop will never be without charge!

  1. Food Court


The Food court like the Paviljoen is good for group work and has easy access to a large choice of food. It also has a variety of seating areas. From the standard seats in the center there is also the sofas at Starbucks and New Fork which are quite comfortable (contrary to popular belief you don’t need to buy anything from that particular shop in order to use the seats). However, Similar to the Paviljoen it gets very busy and noisy at lunchtime so maybe it is best to only use it in the morning and evenings.

  1. T-Building Cafeteria


The T-Building Cafeteria found on the 4th floor has a lot of seats, easy access to plug sockets and food. Like the other cafeteria type study areas it gets busy and noisy at lunch. Another observation from my personal experience is that it tend to be very cold there so if you’re planning on studying there perhaps bring an extra jumper.

  1. H-Building Cafeteria

The choice of seating types in the cafeteria are varied from comfortable booths  which are good for group work through to benches and high tables and chairs all of which have plug sockets nearby. Like the other cafeteria study areas it gets busy and noisy at lunch however, if you have headphones you should be fine!


Outside of the University

  • Blaak Library

If you live closer to blaak than uni something and don’t feel like going all the way in the library is a great place to study especially the 5th floor which is a silent area with lots of space. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a library card you need to pay in order to use the wifi, its not much but can be irritating, alternatively you can try to study without wifi to get rid of any distractions. Also, annoyingly you have to pay 20 cent for the toilets.

  • Your Home

If you’re tired, hungover, feeling antisocial. If it is raining and windy and you really don’t feel like moving from your cosy apartment you can always study at home. Try not to sit in your room and DO NOT sit on your bed. No matter what you tell yourself sitting on your bed is NEVER effective. Sit at the Kitchen table, turn off the music, put your phone on aeroplane mode and focus. Especially when exams are looming.

  • Outside

I would not recommend studying outside in the winter but in the summer months towards the end of the year studying outside in the sun can be a nice change of scene. It can be at Kralingse Plas, Museum Park, Het Park or any green space close to your house.


By Olivia Hobden
Photos and graphic by Inessa Khemii


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