Tips to Save Money


Every student knows it: you are not even close to the last day of the month and running out of money already. Here are some tips that will make saving money in Rotterdam a walk in the park.

Get a bike. Using your OV-chipkaart, it’s easy to forget how quickly money is going as you use public transportation. Not only do you save money if you don’t take the tram all the time. You are also more flexible when it comes to getting home from a night out, it can save you a lot of time of standing and waiting at stations in the morning and it keeps you fit.

Go to the market. It’s a nice weekend activity and it’s good for your wallet. Especially when you come in the late afternoon when stalls are about to close and the traders want to get rid of their goods, you can get great deals on fruit and vegetables (my personal record is 17 avocados for 1,50€).

Use supermarkets wisely. Not everything can be found at Rotterdam’s markets. Still, getting groceries doesn’t have to be expensive. Watch out for “acties” at Dirk and buy products from Albert Heijn’s basic line. Also, look for smaller chains that sell fresh fruit and vegetables at low prices.

Plan your evening, so you don’t have to go to the night shop. I don’t want to know how much money I have left at night shops since I came to Rotterdam. Night shops are a great invention: you can get anything you may need after the supermarkets have closed – a drink, crisps, a box of ice cream – for around twice the price. That’s why it really pays off to think your evening plans through beforehand and shop accordingly, or – if you want to stay flexible – always hold a stock of drinks and snacks for every occasion at your house.

Buy Surninaamse broodjes instead of kebab. Every student knows it: you are on your way home after a great party and there is only one thing missing in your life – a snack before falling into bed. Surinaamse broodjes are a delectable, yet very affordable alternative to the delicious, but on the long run costly standard option HAS.

Visit art galleries at the free museum nights. Rotterdam offers many possibilities to see modern and inspiring art. If you want to explore all of them, the free art gallery nights that take place every first Friday of the month, are the perfect way to do so without spending a cent.

Go to the free Jazz nights on Wednesdays. Going to concerts and listening to live music with your friends can be an expensive hobby. That’s why cheap opportunities to listen to good music are greatly appreciated by students. One of them is the free Jazz Wednesday at the club Bird, close to Centraal Station.

Get a Rotterdampas. Most people will know this tip, but it should be mentioned here as it is a great opportunity to explore your city’s attractions and do fun activities with your friends without burdening the purse all too much.

Last but not least, bring your student id-card wherever you go. Not only does it save you from paying a 20€-fee after course exams, many museums, movie theatres and even some clothes shops offer discounts for students that you shouldn’t miss.



By Minou Gandras


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