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It’s almost exam time, so it’s now or never! During all those years of education, I learned some valuable lessons that I would like to share. But first of all, why are you reading Credo Magazine, shouldn’t you be studying?! Just kiddin, for some extra tips to optimalize your productivity before the test, check our other articles: Productivity at the office (it’s also incredibly useful outside the office) and 10 science-based study tips!

During the exams

During the exams there are some things you can do in order to help yourself. First of all, take care of yourself. Drink enough water and be sure to have something to eat with you. Basic info, but easy to forget when you’re a little stressed.

So when you read a multiple choice question on the exam, try to first think of the answer by yourself, before looking at the answers on the exam sheet. Then check if the answer you thought of is one of the answers you can pick. This helps to keep you from doubting, when you actually know the right answer.

This one, you must’ve heard a million times, but stick with your first answer! Your first answer is often indeed the right answer. Too often students still change their initial (right) answer to another (wrong) answer.

Lastly, when you’ve answered everything wait a moment before handing in your work. Check your answers, but this time start at the last question and check everything backwards. This helps your brain to view everything differently and it can give some new insights.

After the exams (aftercare)

Comparing your answers to your fellow students can offer some solace but it can be very stressful as well, in case your answers differ. My advice is, let it go. You did great, now go have some fun!  

By Pooja Guptar



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