Tips to avoid a hangover and to deal with one!


  After a heavy night of drinking, you slowly wake up and you roll over to get some more sleep. Immediately you feel like the room is spinning. You try to open your eyes to see what time it is, but the sunlight from outside is way too bright. It hurts your eyes and the room is still spinning. As soon as you try to get up you feel like you are going to throw up….. The signs are clear: you have an extreme hangover! It’s also clear that you immediately need some tips for the next night out, and luckily you are reading this!


Tips to avoid a hangover

1. Eat enough before you’re going to drink (especially food with lots of fat). So don’t eat this kind of food the next morning! That will only upset your stomach. If you eat this kind of food before you’re going to drink, it will protect the mucous membrane of the stomach against alcohol so that you won’t get sick.


2. Take extra multivitamins before you go out (not too much, only a few). Because of the alcohol you’ll lose some vitamins, so take a few to compensate that.


3. Stay hydrated, drink a lot of water. Alcohol dehydrates your body, which leads to a headache, dizziness and thirst.


4. Skip the cigarettes (smoking makes you hangover worse). This is proved by students at Brown University, but why is not yet known.


5. Get enough sleep (if you are lucky, you can even sleep through your hangover). When you’re asleep, your body can recover from all the alcohol (especially your liver).


Tips to deal with a hangover (in case you failed to avoid one):

1. Have a healthy breakfast (with eggs, toast and fruits). This will calm down your stomach and the fruits contain a lot of vitamins. Eggs are the best to cure a hangover: they contain a lot of proteins and B-vitamins, which help to rebuild your cells.

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk2. Take ibuprofen, not paracetamol (!) (paracetamol and alcohol are not a great combo for your liver and kidneys). Ibuprofen is anti-inflammatory, and can reduce the inflammation caused by alcohol.


3. Go outside for some fresh air, this will wake you up! Because of the oxygen, you’ll get more energy and less of a headache.


4. And again: get enough sleep! (go to bed early the day after)


By Lena van de Lande




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