Street Wisdom: The Answers are Everywhere…If you know how to look


In April 2014, social artist, David Pearl took to the stage of a TedxAUGB event in Sofia, Bulgaria to talk to the crowd about his non-profit company ‘Street Wisdom’ described as an ‘enjoyable, powerful and free way to use the streets to learn something new.’ This concept is based on the idea that the everyday environment around us is full of wisdom which we mostly ignore due to our busy and hectic lives.


You are invited to think of a question that is ‘knocking around your head’ that sort of thing that you think about as you are walking down the street. Perhaps something you could use a new perspective on. Your question can be about anything from work to school or your personal life. Hopefully you can use Street Wisdom to find an answer!

The street is an invisible university, a source of wisdom that can be tapped into anywhere, by anyone, at anytime. The Street Wisdom concept is a 3 hour experience seperated into 3 sections: Tune, Ask and Share.

TUNE your senses: here you would slow yourself down, watch the patterns, listening more and seeing the beauty of things. These methods help you become more aware and connected to what is going on around you.

ASK your the street: wander around the streets with your question in mind. Get lost, wander, discover yourself in different places; but always remember to keep asking the street the question. See what you notice and what you pick up and what people say to you.

SHARE your learning: talk other participants of street wisdom and see what they learnt.

Fellow Street Wisdomer’s Stories:

JOHANNA: Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

‘How can I find more peace in my life?’

Whilst along one of many canals in Amsterdam she saw a certain type of barge, that her ancestors worked on for hundred years. She also notices that the boat was named Johanna and strung across the boat were buddhist prayer flags. Johanna had an epiphany: for her peace was about connecting and connecting more with her family.

JEM: London, England:

How can I make money from something I am passionate about?

Jem’s passions are beer and health. During his Street Wisdom experience he wandered past a pharmacy, a church and a bee flew past him. He came up with the product idea of healthy beer called ‘Medicinale’ in a black and yellow bottle, taken from the idea that monks used to make beer with herbs.

SCOTT: London, England:

Should I make the leap and start my own business or be miserable a bit longer?

Scott was a successful marketing director of a major fashion brand. He wandered off into London and found himself on Carnaby Street, a famous fashion street, where he used to work 10 years ago. Whilst there he bumped into 3 old friends he hadn’t seen in 6 months. After telling them his idea each one of them told him make the leap. Now he runs a business and organises street wisdom events around the world.

David Pearl believes that there are three reasons why Street Wisdom is so effective. Three things that happen during street wisdom that make these discoveries possible:

Firstly, we shift our ATTENTION. Normally as we walk along the streets our attention is focused inwards. During street wisdom we shift our attention outwards and focus on the world around us.

Secondly, by putting the question in your mind we have a specific INTENTION that makes the world around us seem more meaningful with improved synchronicity.

Thirdly, during street wisdom we make CONNECTIONS with other other people, connect the dots in your mind and connect with our environment through gratitude and appreciation.

Street Wisdom has taken place in: London, Amsterdam, Berlin, San Francisco, New Delhi, Sofia, Brisbane and many others. You don’t have to go to an event to take part. You can download the instructions from the website and start wandering! Hopefully you can use this technique to answer a questions bouncing around in your head or see your life with a new perspective. Maybe arrange a Street Wisdom session with your friends and share what you discover!

If anyone decides to have a go and feels like sharing their story please contact us at Credo.

To watch David Pearl’s Ted Talk go to: Ted Talk
To visit the Street Wisdom website go to: Street Wisdom

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By Olivia Hobden
Graphic by Inessa Khemii


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