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It’s that time of the year again, the International Film Festival Rotterdam is right around the corner! Nearly two weeks filled with movies from all over the world. Here you get a chance to see the next cinematic hit or to experience some top-notch arthouse films. The list is endless and it’s hard to make a choice. In order to help you with these difficult decisions we’ve made a few recommendations below.

First off, what exactly does the festival entail? Well the goal of IFFR is simple, namely to organize and promote film festivals in Rotterdam. The festival aims to transfer a passion for film to the public and by extension offers educational activities to youngsters and trainings to young filmmakers. Besides this, the festival hosts a great variety of events where the public gets the chance to meet the filmmakers. Debates, live performances and installations spread throughout the city are but a few of the examples. All in all a diverse programme for you to enjoy.

Now let’s help your decision making! In order to help you choose the film for you, the IFFR website has a handy quiz to narrow down your tastes. In just four simple steps you will find a good fit. However, let’s just make it even easier for you by listing some of the promising movies. Beginning with ‘A Hustlers Diary’, this Swedish film follows the criminal Metin who finds himself discovered by a literary agency. The film combines the action of a criminal life with the polished world of the upper class, making sure that both humour and drama are represented.

For people who find themselves more a fan of movies that take them back to a time gone by, there’s the film ‘20th Century Women’. The story takes place in 1979 and tells the tale of Dorothea who’s trying to raise her son in a time of cultural changes and rebellion. With the fashion of the late seventies is this heart-warming and funny film a lovely way to go back in time.

As a final recommendation there is the film ‘A bride for Rip van Winkle’. For everyone who would like to see something different. This Japanese film focuses on the theme of solitude and does so in a heartbreakingly beautiful way.

Of course there are many more movies to discover at the festival, but be quick since the tickets may get sold out. So face the cold, hop on your bike and cosy up in the cinema the next few days.

Some practical info:

The festival takes place from the 25th of January till the 5th of February. Tickets can be purchased through the IFFR website. Screenings will be throughout the city in one of the numerous cinemas and theatres.

Link to the IFFR website:


By Karin Adriaans


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