Shake it like a polaroid!


Mann ist was Mann isst. A famous German expression, which literally means man is what man eats. If you follow the debates on health and nutrition, this statement doesn’t sound weird. Food has a major impact on long-term health. Nutrition is a tricky thing. Of course we all want a happy and healthy life. However, time is not always by our side. Preparing a healthy dinner takes time. So grabbing a quick overpriced bite before lectures is not something uncommon, especially during mornings on campus. Beside the breakfast at lecture phenomenon, daily student life can sometimes be so hectic and demanding, that we don’t even find a moment to peacefully sit down and enjoy our meal. There’s a possible healthy solution to this issue; shakes!

Shakes are kind of the next big thing. In the beginning, it might sound odd, a beverage that is able to replace meals. It started in the United States (where else) just a couple of years ago. The idea behind the shakes is straightforward. A healthy and worthy meal. The meal replacing shakes are not developed with the intention to help consumers to lose weight. On the contrary, the shakes are meant to provide a healthy dinner to keep a steady weight. Preparing the shakes goes easy and is everything but time consuming. It takes less than three minutes, all you have to do is mix the powder with water and then shake it up! The shakes are suitable as breakfast, lunch or dinner. This has everything to do with the composition of the beverages. They are made up off everything you need, health-wise. A standard shake contains carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. The shakes also contain lots of fibers, which makes them more easy to digest. The recipe is based on scientific research and European health guidelines, which also makes it up to date to new developments within the field of research. Based on this information, spending hours in the kitchen to prepare dinner becomes so outdated!


What’s it like?

Below is a picture of a student, who has become an expert by experience. Laurens completed his BSc in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and is currently in the final stage of his master of Organizational Change and Consultancy at RSM. From Psychology into meal replacing shakes seems like an odd step. In an interview he told us that, especially in the morning, finding time to eat is often a challenge.  At the same time he is diabetic, which makes it more important to find balance in his food intake. Diabetes mellitus, also known as diabetes, exists in two different types. Both types cause unstable blood glucoses during the day. Living with diabetes kind of forces you to be aware of what you eat. This can be a great challenge when having a demanding lifestyle. To Laurens, the shakes were a lifestyle change. His mornings nowadays start with the shake. ‘’This goes beyond the convenience’’, he stated, ‘’it’s about taking care of myself and making sure I live a healthy life’’. Thanks to the shakes, he knows exactly how much sugar he consumes, which makes it easier to calculate the exact amount of insulin he needs. He made the choice to have the shakes for breakfast, but for dinner he mostly eats regular meals. Having dinner is not only about satisfaction of basic needs, it also has a social side according to Laurens. It’s nice to go have dinner with friends or roommates, something he wouldn’t want to miss.


After the interview, we got the chance to witness the process and try out the shakes. Indeed very fast, without the unhealthy aspect of fast food! The process started with powder in a bag. The only thing we had to do, was add some water to it and shake it! In the beginning the taste was a bit odd, but also nice. It tasted a lot like oats. We tried the chocolate flavored shake, but there are also other flavors, among which strawberry, banana and even apple pie! After finishing the shake, a feeling of being full dawned upon me. What I also enjoyed was not experiencing the “after dinner dip”, which I often experienced after having a meal. After having the shake I felt energized. The only thing that I would miss, beside the social aspect, is chewing. So starting with shakes three times a day would be a bit radical for me personally. However, the morning would be a great way to begin with. Overall it felt good, definitely something to recommend!


By Pooja Guptar 


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