Secret affordable breakfast spots in Rotterdam!

The best affordable breakfast spots in Rotterdam

As I’ve lived in Rotterdam for the past four months, I have come to realization that the range of hidden hotspots are endless. Whether it is in terms of bars, clubs, shops, landmarks or restaurants. The main reason that I wanted to become the lifestyle blogger of Credo Magazine was my love for this city. I love going out to finding new places that haven’t had the buzz just yet, and bringing them to Credo for students to discover and enjoy. This time it’s time for breakfast!

Discovering the eating spots that Rotterdam has to offer has been incredibly entertaining. I wanted to turn my discoveries into a helpful article for students – as we’re all on a similar boat financial wise. We’re students, meaning our budget is limited (for us mostly), and we have to make the most out of it. 

What we do not think about is the daily money we spend on our spar croissants and sushi bowls can be properly spent on a meal even MORE delicious and just as affordable – even cheaper believe it or not. 

I have collated 4 affordable, and let me say- really delicious eating hotspots that are shockingly suitable for a student budget! It is pretty surprising because all of these places have shocked me- quality and price wise.

No need to babble any longer.

Hope you enjoy these few places! 

PS. Please comment down below or at our Instragramaccount @TheCredoMag if you try out any of these places!

I am not sponsored by any of these restaurants.

All photos are taken by me.


One of my favorites – located in the heart of Oude Haven. Run and served by Healthful’s chef himself, the full paned windows, the peaceful ambiance as well as the delicious food made me fall in love with this place.

Av. Price:7-10 euros for each dish

Dish in picture:French toast, costing 7 euros.

Address: Spaansepoort 77, 3011 MN Rotterdam.

Tram stop: Oude Haven and then a two minute walk.

Taste rating: Delicious as it looks!

Meal options:Breakfast, Lunch.C

Setting:Close to campus- accessible by bike and tram easily. Great view. 

Opening times and days: Wednesday – Sunday.

By Jarmusch

This restaurant is an all-day breakfast diner serving breakfast dishes throughout the entire day. With their unlimited black coffee and their big portion size, the breakfast here is really worth what you’re paying for. The diner is usually full, giving it a nice energetic feel.

Av. Price:5-10 euros for each dish.

Address: Het Industriegebouw, Goudsesingel 64, 3011 KD Rotterdam. So close to campus!

Taste rating: Delicious! Truly fulls you up and satisfies your hunger.

Meal options:Scrambled eggs, hash-browns, granola, pancakes, and more.C

Setting:Close to campus- accessible by bike and tram easily. Great ambiance. 

Opening times and days: Monday – Sunday

Nine Bar

A small and cozy cafe located in the heart of Blaak, Nine Bar is a great quiet spot to either enjoy a coffee with a friend, to study quietly for hours on end, or to have a nice breakfast! I was searching for a cafe that I could go to with good coffee and a cozy atmosphere. This cafe is truly it. 

Av. Price:2.50 for a cappuccino. 6.50 for a breakfast plate (photo below). 

Dish in picture: Cappucino with oat milk, ice latte avocado eggs and sweet potato and feta cheese toast.

Address: Botersloot 44A, 3011 HH RotterdamClose to the city centre and campus! 

Tram stop: Blaak plus a two minute walk.

Taste rating: Coffee is amazing. Breakfast is simple and satisfying. Sweet potato and feta cheese sandwich is delicious.

Meal options:Breakfast and Lunch.

Setting: Close to campus- accessible by bike and tram easily.

Opening times and days: Monday – Sunday.


Oh my god. My taste buds. Best breakfast I have ever had in my life. FOOD GASM. (And how is it so affordable?). This place serves all-day breakfast as well as lunch!

Book your next Saturday to have breakfast at LilithNow.You cannot live in Rotterdam without having been to Lilith.

Av. Price:5 euros for pancakes. 6 euros for scrambled eggs.

Dish in picture: Black magic cherry vanilla pancakes, beetroot & goats cheese pancakes, eggs florentine, cappuccino, matcha cappuccino, beetroot cappuccino.

Address: Nieuwe Binnenweg 125 H, 3014 GJ Rotterdam.

Tram: Beurs and a 5-7 minute walk. 25-30 minute bike ride from campus.

Taste rating: Foodgasm! The most delicious breakfast out of all these options.

Meal options:Scrambled eggs, waffles, french toast, pancakes, eggs benedict/florentine, savory sandwiches, yogurt bowls, eggplant and mushroom dishes. Even serves beer.C

Setting:Incredibly cosy. Lovely staff. 

Opening times and days: Monday – Sunday. Time: 08:00 a.m. – 18:00 p.m.

 I recommend especially: Black magic cherry vanilla pancakes!


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