Rotterdam, a city about to change



It’s May the 14th 1940, Holland was under the garrison of Germany.  The Maas prevented the occupiers from crossing. What started as a thread, ended in reality: Rotterdam, which was the largest industrial target, and of major strategic importance, was bombed. The whole city was burning and most of the city centre went up in flames. After the war, the reconstruction started. Rotterdam needed ‘a fresh start’. The people broke up with the history and wanted something modern: Rotterdam,  needed something new. And so it all started.

So as I’m wandering around Rotterdam, I love to see all these different buildings. They are so different, but fits together perfectly. This city keeps us surprised by every new initiative. And if you think Rotterdam has nothing special left, you were wrong. Rotterdam is changing…


Light, space and air

‘we’ve reached hights that people in this town have never seen.’ – Jeff Pyle


So let’s start with the city center, in the Scheepsvaartkwartier. Not one, but three buildings will be build. One of them, the Zalmhaventoren, is designed by Diederik Dam. He is known for the design of the huge Maas tower. The Zalmhaventoren will be 215 meters, and will also be the highest building in the Netherlands! The building itself will be 190 meters, with the mast on top it will reach 215 meters. There will be a viewpoint at 185m, can’t wait to see that!

I don’t mind not being cool’ – Chris Martin


The next tower will be literally a ‘cool’ one. It will be located at the Baankwartier, near the always boisterous Witte de Withstraat. So, being bored is out of the question. The Cooltower, designed by V8 (also known as the architects of the KPN tower in Rotterdam), will have balconies. And the higher you’ll get, the more facades from glass. It will be something you haven’t seen before. It fits perfectly in a modern Rotterdam. And with its height of 150 meters, it will adorn the skyline. What’s in a name? The design of the tower is a cool one.

But we cannot forget about the next tower in this place. With a height of 150 meters, behind the Oogziekenhuis and designed by The Powerhouse Company (who also designed ‘our’ Erasmus pavilion), the Baan Toren will conquer a well earned spot to be a part of the Rotterdam Skyline.

‘You know I’m in love with an uptown girl, my uptown girl.’ – Billy Joel


Let’s end at the Jufferstraat at Wijnhaveneiland. With its 107 meters, living and office space and apartments Up:town will give you the opportunity to enjoy a view at the Maas or the inner city. They have already started building so you can have a look at what Up:town will look like! 

These are just some of the new buildings in the future but Rotterdam has more to offer the coming years. So have a look on the internet or just look around, and see the changes! 


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