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In general

If you are looking for new fancy dishes, District A is just the place for you! This restaurant/bar is quite new and serves Vietnamese streetfood. The dishes are home made according to family recipes, and they are (at least for me) a whole new experience.

Inside the restaurant

The restaurant looks very nice from the inside. It looks clean and modern, but it’s still cosy and welcoming because of the lights and because of the hip decorations. They have an open kitchen, that is something I really like because you can see what is going on in there. The only downside is that the place isn’t furnished very convenient. There are not a lot of places and when you sit next to the door, it gets really really cold.

The staff

The staff is very polite and friendly, they asked us several times if everything was okay (I think that’s what they should do, maybe others think it’s annoying). The girls who helped us were very welcoming and they made you immediately feel comfortable. The place smelled delicious and you got hungry right away.

The menu and my experience

We had to wait for 10 minutes to get a table, because the place was quite new and popular. We wanted to order something to drink, but the wine was €5,50 and not even that good, so that was a bit of a disappointment. The menu of DistrictA wasn’t very clear, that was also a downside. You could choose between six dishes, and we had to ask the staff what everything was. The dishes are very small, so I recommend to order two or more. They are each around €6 euro’s, that is not very expensive. You can choose between chicken, pork, beef, prawns or vegetables with you dish. I ordered a Gõi Cuôn with vegetables, that’s a spring roll (it’s the left dish in the picture). I ordered also a Bánh Mì with chicken, that was bread (sandwich?) with vegetables and very tasty chicken (this is the dish behind left in the picture). The spring roll had a surprisingle taste, but I didn’t really liked it. The Bánh Mì was on the other hand really delicious, although there was coriander on literally everything (I really don’t like coriander haha). I wasn’t quit full after the dinner, but I had already spend more money then I had planned so I didn’t take another dish.

In the back of the picture on the right you see the dish called Phõ. That is a soup with vegetables and noodles (and with chicken/pork/beef/prawns). In front of the picture on the right you see a dish called Bao. This is steamed bread with chicken/pork/beef/prawns or vegetables.


So if you ask me if DistrictA is a nice dinner place I would say no. Because the dishes are a bit small and a bit light, the place is more suitable for lunchtime. If you want to try different and special food and if you want to taste the real Vietnam Streetfood, I highly recommend to go to DistrictA! For me it wasn’t my favorite restaurant because of the special flavors (thanks to the coriander), but I would say: give it a try, maybe you’ll love it!

Restaurant information:

Address: Aert van Nesstraat 22, Rotterdam

Opening hours:

  • Monday untill Wednesday: 11:00-23:00
  • Tuesday untill Saturday: 11:00-1:00
  • Sunday: 11:00-23:00

Phone number: +31 10 737 2005

You can check their Facebook

By: Lena van de Lande




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