Since we have had a lot of activities within Credo last April, it is time to look back. These four intense weeks were in some way traditional like the annual NN Marathon Rotterdam & the Dies Week, but there was also room  for some fresh blood like the Nostalgic Sportsday. In this article you will get a short review on the activities organised in April.

We started the April month with the finish of the Study Trip. You will read an extended report about that in a coming article.

Board Information Meeting

After that, we had the second information meeting of the board. If you want to know more about becoming a board member or the board members as a person? Then you should read our article about all board members:

NN Marathon Rotterdam

In the first hot weekend of April it was immediately an intense one. With the yearly Marathon of Rotterdam about 900.000 people come to the city centre of Rotterdam. This year, nineteen Cedo people took part, as Team Cedo Runni, in the quarter marathon. All 19 participants completed the 10,55 KM run and got their medal at the finish line, inclusively a brown banana.

Nostalgic Sportsday

Thanks to our sports and activities committee some Cedo people got the opportunity to relive their primary school gymnastics courses. The trip to the cosy and little sports hall was one to remember. After we left the train station of The Hague, we traversed the famous suburb “Schilderswijk”. In the very middle of this suburb the hall of the sports day is located.

During the evening some old skool activities came around. But first, we got a cup of tea and some gingerbreads from the mother of a Cedo member. After that, we started the evening with “Apenkooien”. The fanaticism of the students was on top, which made it very difficult for the ‘tikkers’ to catch. One moment R. decided to catch on his own. He did a good job, except he ended with his nose on the ground, pats boem ouch…

The final game of the evening was “iemand is hem niemand is hem”. This game was literally one big chaos. But, for me personally the summit play of this evening.

Parent Day

On the 21st  of April was the annual Parent Day for freshmen students. During this day parents get to know what their children ought to do on a day. The parents were welcomed with a general talk about Cedo Nulli itself and some words about the Freshmen Committee, who organised this day. After the introductory talk the parents were guided to one of the lecture rooms to visit a lecture. Subsequently, there was a delicious lunch and a traditional tutorial group with the well-known PBL method, the “Seven-step”.

Dies Week

The last week of April was the birthday week of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, the Dies Natalis Week. This week started with a drink at a student organisation, where the Cedo members successfully defended their properties. At the final day, the Kings night drink took place in the official university pub, “In de Smitse”. The dress code for this day was orange of course. Some visitors of the pub outside Cedo Nulli were quite overwhelmed by the big orange legion. The drink went on to about 23.00/00.00 when we drank some beers to our great king Willem Alexander because of his 51st birthday.

After all, April was a busy month for Cedo and co. But, remember, May is going to be even greater. Our CreMay month has been going on for a while and will end with a special gift…..

By Jean-Luc Budel



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