Reasons to Love the Olympics


The Olympics brings out inspiring stories of dedication, hard work and overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles to compete. People demonstrate incredible talent that defies explanation and humbling humanity that bring you to tears.

Three sets of sisters, including triplets, competed in the Olympic marathon: Estonia’s marathon triplets — Lily, Leila and Liina Luik — ran with fellow competitors, the Hahner sisters of Germany, who crossed the line holding hands and the Kim Hye-gyong sisters of North Korea. Unfortunately, none came close to a medal … but it’s the taking part that counts.


Show jumper Nick Skelton became Britain’s second-oldest Olympic gold medallist in his seventh Games. The 58-year-old, who initially retired 16 years ago after breaking his neck in two places, claimed individual gold after a six-way jump-off.


D’Agostino and Hamblin weren’t the names that featured in a final or on a podium but they will always be what the Olympics are about. When Abby D’Agostino stumbled and fell during the women’s 5000m heat New Zealand Nikki Hamblin ran back to make sure that she was okay. At the finish line the two runner shared an emotional hug.


Brazil beat Germany during the penalty shoot out on their home soil in the football finals. This victory comes 2 years after Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the FIFA world Cup in 2014 – which had also taken place in Rio. Unfortunately, Brazil’s women’s football were beaten in penalties by Sweden.



The Refugee Team consisted of Independent Olympic participants who competed under the Olympic Flag as a response to the worldwide refugee crisis. Although none of the athletes in the team received any medals, they all overcame great adversity to be able to compete in these Olympic Games.


By Olivia Hobden

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