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A lot of people have jobs at the office, looking at a computer screen, typing on a keyboard, answering emails and gossiping at the coffee machine. They will probably start at 9:00 in the morning and go home at around 17:00 in the afternoon. We all know the drill, the ‘typical’ office job. I am one of those typical office drones as well. It might seem boring, and from personal experience, I know distractions are everywhere.

However! Do not fear inefficient and non-productive workdays anymore! I found several ways to make a day at the office fun, productive and will be over before you know it. Below you can find a list of things you can implement to make your office-job ‘better’.

  1. Coffee: your best friend!

The one thing that keeps the mental (and physical) machine going at the office. The first thing I do in the morning is to get my daily cup of coffee. Coffee is good for you! Why? Coffee can improve wakefulness, alertness and concentration in general. Sounds good, right?

  1. Pomodoro

The Pomodoro technique is something a very good friend of mine informed me about once. I tried it, and I was in love. Pomodoro is the thing to improve your productivity. Let me explain you how Pomodoro works. Basically, it’s a timer: you (normally) work for 25 minutes and then take a break of 5 minutes, and after the little break you work again for 25 minutes. Working like this improves my productivity  because I get less distracted (by e.g. my phone) by telling myself I can check everything in those 5 minutes. In theory it may sound dull, but I say try it and see whether you like it! There are several apps available for using this technique.

  1. Good music

Everybody loves good music. Especially when you’re trying to be productive and/or when it’s crowded in the office. May sound counter-intuitive, I’d rather have some ‘noise’ with a nice beat than people talking. Don’t know what to listen to? Google/Youtube those concentration mixes — they’re gold. Or choose some classical music like Mozart. Research even shows classical music improves concentration.

  1. Shut down the phone

Yes, I said it. Shut down the phone. Turn it off. Put it in your drawer. Throw it out of the window. Have an argument with it. Whatever works. We all love our phones (even you) but we also all know they are the biggest source of distraction. All of the information constantly flowing into your head. No wonder you don’t get a lot of work done (why else would you read this article), your head is constantly full with the latest tweets, Instagram photos, your aunt who posted a status on Facebook when she thought she was on Google (and looked for how to roast a duck without an oven). Shut it down, try it.

  1. Take a walk

How cliche right? Well, it’s the truth. Fresh air is good for us. New oxygen, no moist office smell, stretching the legs. Get that blood flowing! Whenever you can, try to go for a little walk of five minutes outside (not too much or else you still won’t get work done). After, you’ll feel refreshed and may be able to concentrate more!

So there you have it! Five ways to improve productivity at the office. Mind you, these little tips can also be used whenever you’re studying or trying to do other productive stuff. Doesn’t have to be at the office. And now, close this webpage and get back to work!

By Rocher Koendjbiharie

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