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As most of our readers are those studying in all sorts of schools, I decided to make a list of people we meet in these institutions. I am sure that you have met all of them and probably you are one of them, so check it out and find out, who is who!

  • The overachiever

This is the person that always shoots for the stars. That’s nothing bad, but it sometimes annoys you when you’re just sitting there not knowing where you are going with your life. Most of the time this person not only talks about achieving awesome things, but he/she actually works for it as hard as you will never do…


  • The partier

This is the one that you always see at every party! He/she is the one to attend every social event and is among those who get there first. So every time you go somewhere, this is the person you’ll always see standing with a glass (or even a bottle!) in his/her hand.


  • The optimist

Everyone should have at least one of these people in their school life… These are the ones that make you feel a little bit better. No matter what is happening around them, they always seem to find some beautiful and good things, so it’s awesome when someone helps you not to get too deep into your black hole of sadness.


  • The chameleon

The one that you love in person but can’t understand when he/she is with other people. He/she changes the way of communicating with every different person. You just don’t know when this person is real and you don’t know whether you should like him/her or not.


  • The ‘lifelong’

Your friend that will most probably stick around you for the rest of your life. You two met, you clicked and now there’s no way back. No day can pass without you two talking or complaining about the ‘problems’ you have.


  • The asker

This person is sitting in the first row during the lectures and is the first one to raise the hand when the lecturer asks if someone has any questions. He/she even raises the hand when no one wants to answer any questions… These wanting-to-know-it-all can get on many people’s nerves because you can hear them talking a lot more than the lecturer.


  • The one who does nothing but gets good grades

I just do not get these people! How is this possible? Every time I text you, you are either sleeping or partying! But these people still get their awesome grades even when they don’t go to half of the lectures during the year!


  • The eater

I think that the majority of people in schools have at least some of this in their personality. Because all I can see everywhere I go is eating! There’s always that one person that eats before the lecture, then takes something out of his/her bag during the lecture and makes a lot of sound trying to open the pack or to eat his/her carrots or apples, and you then see him/her sitting at the cafeteria, EATING even after the lecture! Where do you put all of this food?


  • The borrower

Well, let’s face the fact, there are always people borrowing some money from you and never getting it back… Every other time they just take euro after euro from you and you don’t even notice the loss. I’m not proud of it, but I guess this is the type I belong to… All people, whom I’ve ever taken something from, I promise, I will give it back to you when I stop propagating my homeless lady’s life style!


  • The gossip girl

They usually walk in groups and all look the same. Every time you look at them, they are all looking at someone and silently laughing. If you talk to one of them, all you here is: ‘hey, I’m not judging or anything, but did you see how ugly her pony-tail is?!’ Okay, guys, I don’t want to be a part of this…


  • The one you see only on the exam day

This is my favourite one. The only times you see them are the exam days. They just show up, all relaxed and everything, do the exam and usually leave first. Then you don’t ever see them until the next exam comes… Every time you talk about this person, you just have this one question: ‘Is he/she still studying with us??’

So, having read this list, I think that most of us applied these types to the majority of the people we’ve met. Again, I’m getting back to the thought that we’re all different, but we are all the same… But it’s awesome to find people similar to us, so we could talk about the issues we have to deal with every day!


By Laisvyda Andrejevaite


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