Meet Credo’s new Editorial Staff!


Whooo, it is the start of a new beautiful year!

For those of you who have been following us for a while: welcome back to the Credo website! And for those who don’t know us yet: we are Credo, the online magazine of Cedo Nulli, the study association of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Erasmus University of  Rotterdam.

Who are we?

This years’ Editorial Staff consists of seven girls:

Karin Adriaans

My name is Karin, Dutch and I am 25 years old. Currently I’m in my first year of Public Administration. I enjoy illustration, quirky music and watching a lot of movies.

Fleur Baggerman

Hi guys, my name is Fleur Baggerman and I will be one of your editors for this year’s Credo! With 25 years of life-experience, it is my intention to provide you readers with articles that will interest on both a lifestyle level and an academic level. I am a Master student in Governance of Migration and Ddiversity, which is a collaboration between the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Leiden University and Delft University of Technology. Some of the articles that I am going to write will thus be related to migration or diversity.

Denisa Debrecká

Hello! I am Denisa, a 21 years old Psychology student from Slovakia. This appears to be difficult for people to remember, as even my friends still ask me after coming back from holidays if I had a good time in Slovenia or Romania. I enjoy exploring Rotterdam and spending long times in museums. My passions include learning about mental health and psychology in general. I can not wait to share my interests in Credo!

Charlotte Geerling

Hey everyone! I’m Charlotte, I’m 18 years old and I’m a first year psychology student. I love reading, writing (obviously) and horseback riding.

Minou Gandras

Hi! My name is Minou, I am 19 years old. I am from Germany and came to Rotterdam this summer to study Psychology. So far, I love the experience of studying in the Netherlands and I’m looking forward to write for Credo!

Melissa de Gast

Hi! I’m Melissa, I’m 21 years old and I study Psychology. I will be the secretary of Credo this year. Curiosity is my natural state, so I never really left the “why” phase.  This drives me to seek the unknown, but also creates my passion for learning about the world and its people. Being part of this wonderful team has already been exciting. I’m looking forward to achieve new insights and experiences this year. Now let’s turn knowledge and experience into action!

Jarinne de Jong

Hey, I am Jarinne: an eighteen-year-old Dutch girl. I am a second-year Psychology student and chief-editor of Credo for this year. As you can guess, I like writing and other art forms, like music, which I really adore!

A new beginning: meet Credo’s new Editorial Staff!

So girls, as journalists-to-be, have you ever appeared in a newspaper?

Charlotte: Nope, I never appeared in a newspaper.

Denisa: No, but hopefully in my future I will be appearing in many of them!

Karin: I have never appeared in any major or regional papers with anything I wrote. Only got to be published in the secondary school paper. Other than that I have had the luck during my previous study to get featured in some (online) magazines with projects I did with my fellow students.

Melissa: Yes, I appeared in the local newspapers a few times. My first time was winning a talent contest with two friends. We did nothing special really, we only danced a bit. I guess they let us win because we were the youngest contestants and because they thought we were cute. Nevertheless, I did appear in the local newspaper for doing something useful. In the past I did some volunteer work, some projects reached the local news in my hometown.

Minou: My personal history of appearing in public newspapers is limited to one full body shot from participating at a public running competition when I was five – not because I was one of the fastest kids but, as the caption says, because they liked my outfit.

Jarinne: Like Minou, I once was featured in a local newspaper because of my outfit. It was Queen’s day – a Dutch holiday where we celebrated the birthday of our former Queen. My family dressed up as the Royal Family for a parade, but we lost. My part in the news article was a large picture of six-year old me looking all pretty, but bawling my eyes out for losing.

What was the very first article you ever wrote?

Minou: The first article I ever wrote was for the school’s yearbook. I reported about a school project in grade seven where we had to dress up as ancient Romans. The topic didn’t catch the attention of many people, maybe because of the topic?

Melissa: I wrote my first article when I was in second grade. I had the assignment to write an article about a school event. When they published it in the school paper, I was instantly hooked on writing!

Charlotte: The first article I ever wrote was for English in high school. My class had to do like this big assignment for which we had to imitate a president campaign, and every political party in our class had to write an article to blacken one of the other parties. So in my group, I was the one who wrote the article, and I really liked writing something like that! It was just so cool to really imagine what a politician would do during their campaign to increase their chances of getting elected as president.

Denisa: My first article was for a website of Slovak Academy of Sciences, where I did my summer internship. It was a good experience, but it was sometimes difficult to write in a very formal matter and not be able to express any creativity in my writing.

Jarinne: I once made a hand-written article about the Chinese language when I was about seven years old. When I read it now, I am so jealous of my little-self’s handwriting!

Karin: The very first article I ever wrote was a music review. For the school paper in secondary school I mainly wrote for the cultural section. It was a lot of fun to write about, because it meant that I got to know my fellow students’ musical/artistic aspirations. Plus I got to go to shows and exhibitions around town. Still all on a small level, but fun nevertheless.

Fleur: Regardless of my age and interest in writing, I’m currently inexperienced in writing journalistic articles. However, for a brief period, back in 2011, I studied Literature-science at Leiden University. During that period I developed skills in creative writing, which resulted in an actual literary stage performance! All in all, I am confident that this will be a year filled with creativity, actualities, personal development and most of all laughter with our great committee!

What is our vision?

This year we will be focusing on creating depth in our articles, by including actualities, important events, discoveries in our social sciences research field and other topics students find interesting!

You as our readers will become more important too, since we want to incorporate your ideas and interests in choosing topics! This means that you, the reader, can decide what we are going to write about!

And last but not least we want to Credo to be a reflection of our era. We want you as reader to get the whole experience. So instead of using only written articles, we will add real life interviews and visual footage of events! After all a picture is worth a thousand words.

Join us this year on the Credo journey through student life, university life and Rotterdam life!

You as our readers will become more important too!

Became excited? So did we!

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By Melissa de Gast and Jarinne de Jong


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