Musical Discoveries of 2015


Yes, yes, everyone has their own taste in music, but I think that true music lovers always search for something interesting, something unique. So I think this list might help some people to get out of the misery of not finding anything new to add to their play lists. I can say that heavy metal lovers might not find anything very enjoyable for themselves, but a real musical expert can’t fixate onto one specific thing only. So let’s just begin our journey!


1. Alabama Shakes

This band is a discovery for me, because they get us by mainly playing this contrast game. Every song has something unexpected. Also, the lead vocalist has an amazing voice and I couldn’t believe that it’s a girl singing! My personal favourite: Gimme All Your Love

2. Paolo Nutini            

Well, I really do love men with deep, low voices and this guy has one hell of a voice! He just has something. When you listen to him, it seems strong and the voice itself has that ‘sand’ people are looking for. I especially enjoy watching his live performances, because then you can really ‘get into it’. One of my favourite songs is: Iron Sky

3. Hozier

This Irish guy is just wow. His songs and voice are so refreshing. I really enjoy listening to the real instruments playing and not those computer sounds. So if you want to listen to something fresh and clean, try Hozier! From Eden

 4. Cigarettes After Sex

There are bands or singers that people enjoy watching live more than just listening without the view, but with these guys it’s actually better when you don’t see them. I actually imagined them totally differently before I saw them and the product of my imagination was more enjoyable. But then their music is just plain beautiful. Lyrics are truly sensitive and songs are the definition of love. Every each of them is a perfect way to show your affection towards someone. Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby

5. King Krule

This guy is the owner of an awesome voice! It’s so weird when a slim ginger boy has such a strong and such an interesting vocal. His songs also have a clear bass line and that is what I really enjoy, because you will all agree with me: songs without bass are not that good. Easy Easy

6. Mac Demarco

I really enjoy his easy, pleasant sounds. It just flows through you. If you ever feel down or anxious, just listen to Mac Demarco and the feeling of relaxation will enter your door again. Salad days

7. Beirut

Beirut is the definition of happy. I really like that they use all sorts of different sounds in their songs. For example, brass instruments that really add live to everything. Even if they are singing about something sad, it’s all just light and bright. Elephant Gun

8. Brandon Flowers

You may now this guy from The Killers, but not long time ago he started his own solo career and I really like his stuff. I like The Killers as well, but then I would say that Brandon’s songs are a little bit lighter. I also find them perfect for dancing. And of course, the voice he has is just amazing: clear and colourful. Can’t Deny My Love

9. John Frusciante

This man is one of my favourite people in the whole world. If you are into Red Hot Chili Peppers, then you might know that he was their guitarist for a long period of time. Later on, he had some troubles that popular rock music players usually have and, after having faced death, he got back on track as a solo singer. His stuff is really interesting: it doesn’t have the best quality, he does everything himself, but then I just feel like it is really honest and sensitive. The songs are kind of sad, but then we all have these moods when we just want to go deep into our thoughts… The Will To Death (listen to this song with both of your earphones on!)

I just realized that my music discoveries are all related to men’s voices and I have no idea why. But let’s not get into that… So, I will be really happy if at least some of you find anything that fits your interests, and I hope this musical journey was a pleasant one!

By Laisvyda Andrejevaite
Graphic by Inessa Khemii



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