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Hi everyone, my name is Sara and I am a first year IBCoM student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Currently my position within ACE is that of a writer for ACE’s magazine, called EmbrACE. Together with a talented team of writers and editors, we create four magazine issues per academic year and all of us write pieces for ACE’s website as well. 

For this exchange with Credo, I felt like writing about a personal change that I have been going through during the last five weeks or so, which is leaving the home and town I have been born and raised in, and moving and settling into the beautiful city of Rotterdam. My main reason to do so was to get rid of the three hours of travelling to uni every day. So far, I would say it turned out great! I love the freedom, the feeling of independence and sense of responsibility that it brings, but you know all of that. Therefore, I decided to make a refined list of some things that did not go so smoothly during this transformation…

First, I find myself a bit struggling with cooking. My roommate and I try to eat as healthily as possible, and while I am perfectly able to find my way around the kitchen with basic straightforward stuff, I am learning every day. I have only once held a dishcloth in the fire of the gas stove and almost caused a fire, but it has not happened again since! 😊

The two of us have also encountered some practical problems, since we found a leakage in our kitchen ceiling when we got into the apartment. Thanks to our landlord, this could be fixed pretty quickly. However, after the guy got into the apartment and we went through the list of things that had to be repaired, we went outside to assist him in carrying materials up to the apartment. Only to find out his screw top (which is worth €600-€700)had been taken! He told us he had left it outside of his van and that it was insured, but we were still startled as we had only been talking for about three minutes… Not a great welcome into the neighborhood, to say the least.

Another case was our Wi-Fi: when finally receiving a router after having to pick it up at the local coffeeshop it suddenly stopped working one day. I spent the entire afternoon trying to fix it, unfortunately without success. The next day we found out the entire cable – which goes through our front door to the fuse box in the hallway – had completely broken! To this day, we still don’t know whether someone or something actually cut it or that it got stuck under the door. Luckily, our provider had sent us two routers by accident, so we were able to fix the cable the same day!

All in all, the entire move has had more pros than cons so far, and I cannot wait what’s to come next! If you would like to read some more of my (art-related) articles, please feel free to check out the links below.

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