Interview with Cedo Nulli’s Education Officer


Who are you and what position in the board do you have?

I am Maxime, the Education Officer of the 31st board.

Can you describe what this position does?

My position mainly focusses on Education and improving Education with the help of the Student Representation and the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Therefore I am the contactperson between the Faculty and S.F.V. Cedo Nulli. Secondly I attend all kind of meetings which have to deal with the Student Representation such as the Faculty Council Meetings. I also chair the Student Faculty Meetings. During those meetings, the Student Representation comes together in order to discuss the opinion of the students about the quality of Education. I am also responsible for the study related committees of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli and the study groups. All in one, I try to be there for the students when it comes to Education.

What is the best part of your position?

The best part about my position is the diversity of my role within the Faculty. I like to hear the formal side of everything that is going on when it comes to Education. I also like the fact that there is always something to do in order to help the students. If I know that something could be improved, I’m always looking forward to create that improvement. I was also really pleased to do the recruitment of the committees, mainly because it is a very social aspect of my position.

How do you experience being a board supervisor of committees?

I love to supervise my committees. I’m the board supervisor of the Psychology Committee, Sociology Committee, Pedagogical Sciences committee, Study Group Committee and Freshmen Committee. Besides the serious business, I really like the personal contact and seeing people grow as a committee member. I am really proud of all my committee members!

Is being on the board what you expected of it? Why/Why not?

It is what I had expected, but sometimes it is even better then I had expected. What I especially like about it is the band you create with your fellow board members. I know that I can always count on them and that they can always count on me. This is really valuable to me.

Besides the great fun, it is also hard work. In the beginning I really had to get used to the 100 little things you have to do during the week. People are depending on you and sometimes it is hard to let that go and relax for a a while. But I got used to it and I don’t mind it anymore.


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