Make your place burglar proof!


64.560 cases of burglary were reported last year. Rented homes are often the target, and student rooms in particular are an easy and attractive target. According to a former burglar, the rooms are often poorly secured. And there’s a lot to gain. There are often valuable items, such as laptops, tablets and televisions in every room of a student apartment. “When you’re in, it’s incredibly easy to get to every room.” The consequences are unpleasant to say the least. More than a loss of money or belongings, it’s a loss of feeling secure. The government recently started a campaign, aimed to raise awareness regarding this problem. The campaign is called ‘Maak het inbrekers niet te makkelijk’, this is Dutch for ‘Don’t make it too easy for burglars’.

In order to make it harder for burglars, there are some simple actions to undertake. First of all, always lock your door, even when you’re just away for a few minutes to do some quick groceries. Don’t underestimate their sneakiness. It takes only 10 seconds for a burglar to get into your home. However, locking the door only takes 8 seconds! So please lock your doors. Second of all, students often think that burglary happens at night, this is not true. Burglary mostly happens at broad daylight. So be cautious. Thirdly, 1 out of 6 burglaries is caused by trespassing. This means that burglars can easily get in, through an open window or door. So it’s not only about what’s inside, but also about whether it’s easy to get inside.

The impact of burglary is tremendous. Besides material damage, there’s often emotional damage as well. Maartje (23): “I used to live with another roommate, in a rented apartment and we actually never locked the door. We lived on the third floor and thought that burglars wouldn’t come to our place. Besides, there were always many neighbours around. However, when I arrived home after following lectures, the hallway was a mess. A burglar had been in our house. Our stuff was all over the place. He even went through my sock drawer! The worst thing was that I didn’t feel safe in my own place anymore. The thought that someone has been into my room, and went through my stuff, is horrible.”

Burglary is bad. However, prevention can be easy. Here are some simple tips:

  • Always lock the doors and windows before you leave the house. If you just close it, someone can easily open it with a creditcard. So always lock them, because a burglar only needs a few minutes to steal your belongings.
  • Create the impression that someone’s home. Don’t put valuable items on display and always leave a light on.
  • When you’re away for a longer period, take your valuable items with you and tell it to your neighbours. That way, they can keep an eye on your house.

Burglary is a serious problem. However, with some simple actions, prevention can be easy. So make your place burglar proof!



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