Love at first sight


I would say that we could divide all of the people in two groups: the ‘believers’ in love and the ‘realists’ who claim that love doesn’t exist and there’s no such thing as your soul mate or the love of your life… I’m definitely falling into the first category as I hopelessly believe in every cheesy thing about love and I’m especially fascinated by the term ‘love at first sight’! Yes, of course, you can tell me, that it’s scientifically proven that such thing doesn’t even exist, but you know, you can never be sure… Psychologists even officially stated that there’s such thing as love-at-first-sight syndrome! Let’s check the signs, maybe you are one of us.

1. You are a hopeless romantic.

If you fantasize about romance, experience frequent intense emotions regarding love, then there’s a huge possibility of you having this syndrome. This is the most important sign!

2. Your crushes are either all or nothing.

When we talk about your feeling for another person, there is no ‘in between’. You either feel absolutely nothing for a person or feel way too much. You are not one of those who can casually crush on someone without any consequences…

3. You don’t have a type.

As people having this syndrome do not have a specific type they prefer, anyone can spark the flame in their hearts at any time. Yes, that means that these people are open-minded but it also means that they are never safe from a potential fall.

4. Casual dating process is not your thing.

Your feelings are never just casual, so you hate dating. You hate seeing your object of affection once per week and just for a couple of hours. If you like someone, you like that person a lot and you hate playing these games and pretending that you don’t care.

5. You’ve never really developed feelings for a friend.

The thing about this syndrome is that you know straight away whether or not you’re interested in someone because your feelings smack you right in the face. So, if you’ve already friend-zoned someone, it’s really hard for you to actually remove him or her from the friend zone and see that person in a romantic light.

6. You tend to obsess over things, even those not related to romance.

Because you think deeply about things easily, you also often obsessively think about your crush without even trying to. Somehow, your crush always enters your other thought processes and gets stuck there for a long, long time.

7. Your biggest flaw is you’ve fallen for the idea of a person more than the actual person.

This happens to a lot of people, but it happens even more frequently to you. Since your fall-hard, fall-fast feelings come without warning and often, with little to no real knowledge of the person, you can get caught up in your perception of your crush and put him or her on a pedestal that he or she may not deserve. In other words, you can ignore reality sometimes and that’s often dangerous.

These were the signs of this interesting syndrome. I guess that there should be loads of us, romantics, who just fall in love with the assumption of a person and after 5 minutes start imagining the wedding day and giving names to our future children… But as love is the drive of our lives it’s better to believe in at least something than to be a pessimist. So, I just wish you all to love and to be loved, because it definitely makes your life more beautiful!

By Laisvyda Andrejevaite
Graphics by Inessa Khemii


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