Lost your motivation?!


Lost your motivation?!

As sunny days are getting a little more common, we long for summer. Festival season is beginning already and we are ready for it. We cannot wait to get to the beach or a sunny destination over the holiday. Everything is so close, yet so far away. We still need to finish up our final courses or thesis. And motivation to finish the year is diminishing by the second. So let’s regain the final motivation for the year with some tips:



Whether you are just ending your first year at the university, or your bachelor/master with your final thesis, you have come a long way. You achieved so much throughout the year(s), so it would be a shame to forget about it. Just keep on reminding yourself what you accomplished and you can motivate yourself to work to that final goal: reaching your next year or getting your bachelor or master degree.



Try to find a little bit of balance between relaxation and studying. Overstudying can make your brain go crazy, resulting in a form of restlessness, because you feel like you need to get back to your thesis or assignment. If you try to recreation to do, such as working out, going for a drink with friends (not too many tho!) or watch some Netflix, you will find yourself a little less stressed.



As obvious as this may sound, try to keep your routine in check. Try to sleep enough (which differs per person of course), eat regularly and make sure your days look the same, more or less. I know as a student this is very challenging, as we love to go out or go to hang out with our friends on a Tuesday evening. It is not very study-encouraging to mess up your sleep and your preparation for your classes. 


Set goals

I always find it particularly helpful to set goals in order to get motivated. If I get to reward myself for hard work, I tend to do it more often. This can be small goals: a tiny snack if you finish preparing your next tutorial class. But it can also be bigger: finish the course with a certain grade and you allow yourself to plan a 3 day trip to a city somewhere close. 


Remember why you are here

Lastly, it is of vital importance that you remember why you started to attend university in the first place: you wanted to get a degree in something you truly love to get a job in (at least I hope so). So just try to remember that you are working towards one of the biggest achievements in your life (so far). As long as you do that, you will find the motivation you need to study.


Just try to remember: you have come this far, so if you can get here, you can finish this year. I believe in every single one of us. 


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