Interview with: Treasurer Lisa Versloot


Who are you and what position in the board do you have?

My name is Lisa Versloot and I am the treasurer of the 32nd board. I have my bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Can you describe what this position does?

When you are a treasurer you are in charge of everything that has to do with money. You have to plan, manage, and administrate the financials of the association. I am responsible for the contributions and every month I do the accountancy of the association. You have to minimize financial risks, especially on larger projects. Furthermore I made a budget for the whole year, and I guide the committee treasurers with their budgets.

What is the best part of your position?

The best part of being a treasurer is that you know more or less everything from the association. In the end almost everything has to do with money and I have to approve the purchases or payments of the committees. Besides that I really like to do the bookkeeping of the association.

How do you experience being a board supervisor of committees?

I only supervise the Freshmen committee and the NMUN-project. I like both the NMUN-project and the Freshmen a lot, because they are so different. The NMUN delegation consist most of masters students and the members of the freshmen committee are, as the word says, freshmen. I love to see how much both groups have grown the past half year. The Freshmen committee has done a great job in organizing the parent day and I am really looking forward to organize the freshmen weekend in the end of August with them! The NMUN project is at the time of writing closed, because we already made our trip to the USA. This was a huge success, due to the great amount of awards we got! It was a hard task to organize this trip for 18 students, but I really learned a lot from it.

Is being on the board what you expected of it?

No, I don’t think so. When you start you really don’t know what you’re up to. Nevertheless I love to be in this 32nd board! You learn so much from each other, and from being responsible for the whole association. Besides learning and working a lot together, we also go to drinks and parties, what makes it even more fun! You know you can really count on them, and that is very important, also in the rest of your life. I can definitely say that this is the greatest experience in my life so far!

If you have any questions on being a board member or even a treasurer, don’t hesitate to send an email to



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