Interview with: Marketing officer Wouter Sterrenburg


Who are you and what position in the board do you have?

I’m Wouter Sterrenburg and I’m the marketing officer of the board! I started my bachelor in Sociology last year, and joined Cedo Nulli at that year’s freshmen weekend.

Can you describe what this position does?

As the marketing officer, I’m responsible for all outgoing promotion of Cedo Nulli. In practice this means that I work a lot on designing promotion, writing posts, coming up with marketing strategies and making sure that as many people as possible get a positive image of our association.

Next to this I’m the board supervisor of four committees, which are the party committee, the community committee, Credo editiorial staff and the international committee. Because this is a very diverse group, I need to switch quickly between subjects and keep track of a lot of progress.

At the start of the year I was responsible for all committee applications together with the education officer. This was a very fun process, and I reckon it taught me a lot about how to be in an interview!

What is the best part of your position?

I thoroughly enjoy the creative and social part of my tasks. I simply love it when a post gets a lot of positive feedback, and when activities are a success. Because I am quite sociable myself, I love the fact that my position enables me to meet a lot of new people, and I reckon I’ve made a lot friends because of this!

How do you experience being a board supervisor of committees?

I get a lot of joy from guiding the committees, as they’re all in very different fields. They’re not the only ones who are learning a lot, but I also get a lot of new experiences and knowledge from it! It can be quite the challenge to schedule every meeting in, especially if you have four committees, but in the end it’s really great to see people grow so much in a year.

Is being on the board what you expected of it?

Because I was very active last year, I pretty much knew what I was getting myself into. It can be hard work at times, with ungodly hours and some frustrations here and there. But it’s primarily a very fun year, in which I’ve learned a lot about not only marketing, but also about myself! It really has been an amazingly exciting year, and I’ve never regretted choosing for this path!

If you have any questions about being in the board or being the marketing officer, don’t hesitate to ask me or to email me at




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