Interview with: Chairman Anouk Brunink


Who are you and what position in the board do you have?

I am Anouk and I am the chairman of the 32nd  board. Normally I study Pedagogical Sciences and I will continue with my 3rd year in September.


Can you describe what this position does?

As the chairman, I am in charge and responsible for the day to day business of the association. I am responsible for keeping an overview of everything that happens within the association. This means that I lead the board and I jump in to help my board members whenever it is necessary. I will also keep a close eye on the policy and the long term strategy.

Besides that I prepare and chair our weekly board meetings and the General Assemblies. And I am responsible for the internal relations of the board and I keep in contact with the Chair of the Senate.

I am also busy with being the “face” of the association. For example, I gave a lot of lecture talks at the beginning of the year and  I take place in consultation bodies like the Interfaculty Rotterdam and KORF, a monthly meeting with all the other faculty associations.

Last but not least, I am the board supervisor of the Social Sciences Career Week Committee.


What is the best part of your position?

I like that I am up to date about everything that goes on in the association. I have an overview and help where needed. That makes my position very diverse. Almost every day is different and I am in contact with a lot of people. In one day I can have a meeting with the university about the Eurekaweek, have a meeting with a committee chairman and have a look at our finances with the treasurer.


How do you experience being a board supervisor of committees?

I enjoy being a board supervisor, especially because my committees are very diverse. I supervise the Pedagogical Sciences Committee and the SSCW committee. I joined the Pedagogical Sciences Committee last year, so I like to help them with my experience from last year. And the SSCW committee is one of our biggest projects. There are a lot of different aspects in that project and I learn a lot from it. So not only learn the committee members from me but I also learn a lot from them.  And I am really proud when one of my committees organises a great activity!

And being a board supervisor is not only serious business, it is also a lot of fun. For example with the Pedagogical Sciences committee we play a lot of 30 seconds after the meetings!


Is being on the board what you expected of it?

It is even better than I thought it would be!

I knew that it would be a lot of work, that you will develop yourself and make a lot of friends. But I didn’t know that I would personally develop this much.

Everything is new at the beginning of the year and together with your board you learn everything you need. You fellow board members become good friends and you spend a lot of time together. You get a lot of new friends, especially when you get to know other boards and when the committees are formed.

You put a lot of energy in it but I also get a lot of energy from the great activities, people and the work in general. And it is not only  hard work. You also go to a lot of parties and drinks!

Maybe it is the best experience in my life, so far!

If you have any questions about being in the board or being a chairman, don’t hesitate to ask me or to email me at






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