How to achieve happiness?


It’s pretty simple and logic: happiness not only feels good, but it actually is good! It is good for your health, your work, your love life, your relationships and so on. Happiness decreases stress, and stress makes you strained and irritable. So if everyone was a little happier, the world would be a better place with less irritated and sad people.

There are a few things you can do to achieve more happiness and gain more positive energy. If you want to wake up each day with a smile on your face, try to practice the following steps!

1. Get to know who you are and be true to yourself

Try to see yourself through the eyes of others, what do you notice? Be honest to yourself. Are you happy with what you see? Try to identify yourself, so that you see what you want to change or what you don’t want in order to change. Change the things you don’t like and be proud of the things you like! Try to shift your attention from your weaknesses to your strengths!

2. Take care of your needs

We often do things for other people, only so that we can feel good about ourselves through the way they react to our action. Doing things for others is okay, but do you know what your own needs are? Try to fulfill your own needs before you fulfill the needs of others.

3. Do one act of kindness everyday

Once you have fulfilled your own needs, you are ready to help fulfilling the needs of others. Give someone a compliment or help someone carry their shopping bags. This is a great way to start seeing the goodness in yourself and reflecting it in others.

4. Be patient with yourself

Don’t set your goals too high, everything you want to achieve takes time and effort. Don’t beat yourself up and give yourself some time!

5. Live in the moment

Sometimes you can get lost in your thoughts and worries about the future. It’s not always a good thing to think too far ahead, start enjoying what you do right now.

6. Meditate and learn to breathe

Meditating is a way to live in the moment. It’s a way to calm yourself down and to get aware of the moment right now. By calming the mind, we connect to our deepest self, and through connecting to our deepest self we unfold the mystery of our own happiness.

7. Listen to your inner child

Your inner child is a powerful voice that talks to us about fear, hurt and the safety that it is longing for and the love that it hungers for. So when you are in a challenging situation, step back for a moment and ask your inner child, “What is really hurting me right now? What do I really want?”

8. Count your blessings

Be grateful for the things in life, even for the little things! You have so many blessings and you don’t even see them most of the times.

9. Accept your feelings

Pain is part of life, and accepting what you feel is a big step towards happiness. Even when you are feeling pain! Accepting how you feel allows you to feel what you feel and therefore helps to identify the cause of the pain.

10. Build your support system

You don’t have to hang out with people who don’t make you feel good about yourself. You have a choice, so find people who think like you, who are positive, who show support and who are grateful.

11. Forgive and let go of the past

Blaming yourself or others for your unhappiness only trigger more suffering. Forgive yourself and others so that the past doesn’t haunt you anymore! (also see my other article on Credo about forgiveness!)

12. Ignore the opinions of others

What you think is more important than what other people think! Of course, advice from friends or family can be helpful, but when people are being negative towards you, don’t let them influence the way you feel about yourself.

13. Smile

Smiling is healing for the heart, the mind and the body. Certain experiences can bring a smile to our face, and sometimes a smile can truly shift a negative emotion to a positive one. It not only makes you happy, it also makes other people happy!

By Lena van de Lande



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