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Did you ever compare your sex life with somebody else? Did you ever wonder how you were doing in comparison with rest of the faculty? Then this article is a must-read for you! In this article, we will display the results of our sexual health survey and take you on our journey to discover the truth about sexual stereotypes. Are women more often bisexual than men? Do boyfriends use tinder while being in a relationship? Who have more one night stands and STD check ups? The wild young ones or the old veterans? Be sure to read the rest of this article to find our answers!







These results are of course fun to see, but wait until you read about the differences between men and women, people in sororities or not and bachelor versus master students!

Men vs. Women

One of the most intriguing facts we found was a difference between men and woman in usage of dating apps. As expected, men used the dating app more for casual sex and woman for genuine dating. Apart from having different reasons to use the app, men also showed a difference in when the app was used: some men continued using a dating app while being in a relationship! (While none of the women did…)

Being part of a sorority or fraternity vs. not

Sexual health and sororities… Accept the stereotypes or not, we found that twice as much people have had unprotected sex when they are in a sorority or fraternity, compared to when they’re not.

One of aspect of sexuality we looked at was where people meet their sexual partners. The funny thing was that people who are not part of a sorority or fraternity meet more of their sexual partners at a sorority or fraternity then the people who are. Strange, isn’t it?

Religiousness vs. Non-religiousness

Again, stereotypes were confirmed. People who claim to be religious more often say they currently don’t have sex. They also have had less unexpected results after a one-night stand then people who say they’re non-religious.

Younger vs. Older students

It is unexpected, but older people do have more fun! In our survey, we found that the older you are as a student, the more sex you have. The older students were also more likely to agree to a one night stand and have sex on a first date.

One would think that greater age makes you wiser — however, that does not seem to be the case. Our study found some alarming results about sexual health behavior of older students. Older people were more likely to have unprotected sex. Furthermore, higher age does not promise moral progress. All of the people who confessed to having used a dating app such as Tinder during a relationship were more than 21 years old.

To be fair, older people were superior in two very important sexual health behaviors — they get checked out more often for STD’s, and carry a condom with them at all times more often than younger students.

Bachelor vs. Master students

This may be connected to age, as already discussed, but Master students are having more sex than Bachelor students. Therefore, if you are a young Bachelor student now and you are unhappy with your love life — do not worry! The results of our survey suggest that things will get better.

Living with parents vs. Living on your own

Students who live without the reach of their parents experience significantly more unwanted results of unprotected sex, such as STD’s. Students who live with their parents appear to be the most responsible, as they get checked for STD’s more regularly than students in other living situations.


Enjoyed seeing the results? So did we. But we must keep in mind that these numbers were generated of only about one hundred people, mostly female Psychology students. So even though the results are shocking, funny or weird, we cannot say anything about every student in Rotterdam. And we will never know whether the person filling in ‘-100’ for how many sexual partners he or she had, has filled in the rest of the survey equally serious.

What can we conclude?

Our survey indeed produced some entertaining results about the dating and sexual life of Erasmus University students. However, all joking aside, some of the results of the survey were concerning, namely about the frequency of unprotected sex during one-night stands. As much as 25 % of the respondents confessed to having had unprotected sex on a one-night stand, which often occurs with a person whose sexual history we do not know. Perhaps these results would be even more shocking if more of our respondents were male or older. We often believe that sexually transmitted diseases are infrequent, or that they can not happen to us. This deception may stem from the fact that STD’s are not talked about — they are conditions which we reveal only to our very closest friends or partners, and sometimes not even to them. They are also stigmatized in a way that we perceive them as something that can only happen to extremely promiscuous or socially excluded individuals. However, sexually transmitted diseases are real, they can happen to anyone, and it only takes one reckless encounter to contract them.

So, what is the morale of this survey? University is a great time to have fun, explore our sexuality, and swipe right on Tinder, and there is no shame in doing so. Nonetheless, one should always be safe and cautious. We hope that after reading this survey, more than just 25 % of you will carry a condom with you at all times!


Last but not least the credo editorial staff wants to put the reader in the spotlight. Were looking for students who are willing to share their worst dating experiences so that we can publish your story anonymously in our next article. Have you ever had a date that was so full of himself that you had to puke? Did you say or do something that ruined the date? Or do you have a dating story you want to get off your chest? Let us know by sending your story to


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