End of the year


Dear members,

As it’s the end of July, almost everyone of you is enjoying their summer holiday. Time has come to put down the books and summaries and to enjoy the weather. For us, as the board, summer holidays means preparing our successors for a year full with trips, activities, drinks and parties. I clearly recall how I experienced this period when I was being prepared for this year. Since the year is really running on its end, it feels fit to thank some people.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that joined in on one of our events or activities this year. As a faculty association, we always hope to organise events for all the different students in our faculty. Consequently, we are very pleased to see that so many of you joined us this year.

Second, a big applause to all the committee members who invested their time into organising all these events. An association like Cedo Nulli depends on their committee members to make a success of the year, and all you helped us to do so.

Third, I would like to thank my own board for the amazing journey we made together. From the beginning on there were quite some challenges ahead of us, but I believe we got through them pretty well. I’m glad we spent this year together, and I’m sure we’ll go through more adventures together.

This transition period brings the realisation that many things are temporary, and that they should be appreciated for their temporality. I met many people this year that I’ve never seen again afterwards, but who made my year a lot more interesting. Therefore, I would like to thank everyone for all the brief, interesting encounters in the most unexpected places or at the most unexpected moments.

For the 31st board the year is almost over. However, Cedo Nulli is not done yet. After the summer break the 32nd board will take over and hopefully make sure that there is another year filled with amazing activities, so make sure you will also be a part of this experience in the coming year!

Thank you all and have a great holiday.

Kindest regards,

Guy du Bosc
Chairman of the 31st board of Cedo Nulli


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