Credo’s Special #5


So, end of the academic year is finally here. We bet everyone is excited about the summer holiday, but there is also a sad part to this period. Most of the committees are finishing their duties so that the next year a new team can jump on an exciting journey of committee work. We at Credo are lucky to have each other until October, but a lot has been done already during this year, so we want to look back and share our favorite things of being editorial staff!

  • Inessa

People are the soul of every organization and when applying for a position in Credo I was very nervous that my future team wouldn’t be a match for me. Oh boy, if I knew that all these amazing people would be chosen, I would be super chill. As a visual editor, I do not have much input writing the articles, but I still love going to the meetings, share some ideas and just chat with the girls. You can immediately see how different we all are, but it is still easy to make the whole committee function well (huge shoutout to our boss – Pooja). So, if you have doubts about joining a committee\board because of the same reason I had, consider this: if you are as lucky as I am, then you have nothing to worry about, and if you get some difficult cases, then it will be a great opportunity to practice your communication skills. We have a professional life ahead of us, so those skills will come in handy sooner or later.

  • Laisvyda

Oh man, I don’t even know. Usually I am super happy when something comes to an end, because I get annoyed by things quite quickly, but not this time. I am really sad that I won’t work with these girls anymore, because they are golden! I mean, this is one of the things in my life I have to appreciate. It’s not something that happens at a daily basis. And I feel like this particular Credo’s special is more for us, to actually see how others feels and to express our own thoughts. I am so grateful that you guys accepted my weirdness as it is, went with it and didn’t question it! I am so happy that I could be open about everything, that I could lean on you and that I could just be myself. I love how we would all stand as one against all of the criticism or others negative things coming our way. Just cool. Nothing else to say. Thanks.

  • Lena

Wow, this question is a difficult one! There are so many things that I like, you may say love, about being a member of Credo! At first my fellow Credo staff. We have all become close friends because we get on so well with each other. We’re all so different, but that makes it even better. Next to those girls I like the process of writing really much. We help each other with ideas and with the development of those ideas, and that has helped me so much in my writing process. I’m really thankful for the things I’ve learned and experienced. Without those girls I never would have learned so much! I had a wonderful year and I want to thank my girls and Cedo for giving me a chance at Credo. Shoutout to everyone of my dear team!

  • Mijntje

What I absolutely love about Credo is to have the privilege to work with all the incredibly creative people in our team. I remember, during our very first meeting, that I was pleasantly surprised by all the creative ideas and input people brought to the table. The open environment of Credo gives each member the opportunity to pitch their ideas and to discuss them with other members. I’m not used to work in a creative environment, during tutorial groups this is usually not the case because there’s little room for personal input. In Credo however, everybody is enthusiastic when somebody brings a creative idea to the table and people are really stimulated by each other’s ideas. I found this environment very stimulating for my own creativity and just very uplifting in general. I’m really going to miss this awesome group of creative people next year!

  • Olivia

My favorite thing about Credo (apart from my fellow team members) is the Brainstorming part of our meetings. After we have discussed how our articles are going we have a 20-30 minutes window when we brainstorm, discuss, critique and invent new ideas for articles. Some people have thought about it in advance and others come up with ideas on the spot. During these sections I always feel like we are working towards something bigger, we are creating something awesome that other people will enjoy. It is extremely intellectually stimulating and it is the part I look forward to the most.

  • Pooja

My favorite thing about Credo is our learning curve. The process of growth we had as individuals and as a group, it kept inspiring me. It was an adventure from the start, as we were all still figuring out what the new Credo was going to be. In the process of developing the new Credo together, we also developed ourselves in a way. We started to get the hang of it, and stepped out of our comfort zones. Inessa, besides creating all our covers, wrote two really amazing articles (whilst still claiming that writing isn’t really her thing haha). Lena our bubbly sociologist singer and skilled cook, kept challenging herself and has written about so many diverse topics, from recipes to sociology theories on deviance. Mijntje our little pool of creativity, from comics to witty articles on not your everyday topics, the way she writes is as if she knows what her reader is thinking (which is pretty awesome and sometimes a bit creepy as I feel busted reading haha). Olivia expanded borders by doing collaboration articles with ACE, on Humans of New York and the changing gender roles (by the way, these are all must read articles, in case you haven’t read them yet)! Laisvyda always somehow knows how to capture her uniqueness in written words, by putting something of herself in every article she writes and making something intriguing out of it. And last but not least, Rocher, as our fairy godmother, taking us under his wings and writing articles as well! It was an amazing year working together, and I’m really excited about still being in Credo and writing articles for a few more months! Stay tuned!

  • Rocher

The most beautiful thing about Credo for me is the journey I’ve been on. When I was first appointed f.t. Marketing Officer I knew Credo Magazine would be my responsibility. But way back then (okay, I make it sound very dramatic) Credo was still a paper magazine. I got the amazing task to transform Credo into a new platform – I was responsible for the rebirth of Credo. It started with finding a new editorial staff and I came across the most beautiful and smart minds I could ever imagine for our Credo Magazine – my amazing girls. And life took a positive turn when the website was actually designed and ready to go online. 2016 was the year when Credo Magazine had its rebirth as a new online platform and now it’s one of my most precious babies. I try to contribute to the platform, and most importantly, the girls by writing an article once in awhile, and I have to say I love it. I can tell you one thing, my position as the board supervisor might end soon, but my name will still appear below articles once in awhile.

As you can see now, we really enjoy being a part of Credo! We hope that this article encourages you to take on new challenges with a committee of your choice 🙂

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