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Imagine finally getting a totally free evening, preparing delicious snacks, cozying up in front of the screen only to realize that you still haven’t decided what film to watch. Choosing a movie is the second hardest thing after choosing where to eat. Ok, maybe it’s an exaggeration, but it is still pretty hard. So, for these moments of doubt and despair our Credo team prepared an ultimate watch-list! Check it out and don’t be shy to share your thoughts about these movies 😉

  • Elise: Into the Wild


This movie has been my favourite one for years. Watching a movie is kind of like taking a break from our busy society and enjoying someone else’s story. This is quite literally the case for watching Into the Wild, which is based on a true story. The main character, Chris McCandless, leaves his family, friends, money and his materialistic life as he knows it behind to live in the wild. He travels for two years through parts of the United States, Mexico and eventually he enters his greatest challenge by living in the vast wilderness of Alaska. He searches for the pure truth in his life, rejecting poisonous civilization. Only literature and nature accompany him. The great directing by Sean Penn and the beautiful music by Eddie Vedder make it an even more impressive movie. In the end Chris comes to a conclusion that inspires me every time I watch it.

  • Inessa: Fight club


There are numerous movies that I love, but every time someone asks about my favourite one, I say Fight Club [Insert a joke about the first rule here]. I have no idea what exactly makes it so special for me. I mean, it is objectively special for its idea and the way the story is told, but I still cannot figure out what’s in it for me that is so great (except Edward Norton, of course). Being a person who doesn’t like to rewatch\reread things, I’ve seen Fight Club at least 4 times. And read the book. Even when you know the ending, you still want to come back to that reality, its atmosphere, which is not the most pleasant but still appealing. The story drags you through the characters’ anguish and makes you think about deep stuff, and it is tough. Some of my friends could not sit through the whole thing, but if you give in, it absorbs you till the end. Of course, not only the story itself, but brilliant actors’ and director’s work contribute a lot to the overall effect.

  • Laisvyda: Amélie


Some things in life are just amazing. And this movie is for sure one of those things. Yes, yes, movies about love are lame and girly… But this one, at least for me, is different. Everything is shown from a different, weirdly pleasant perspective. The whole movie is filmed in such an eye-pleasing way, that you can just sit and enjoy the colours and views… And the music! I don’t even want to go there… This movie has one of the most beautiful  soundtracks. The main character is one of my idols: weird, peculiar, individualistic girl searching for her own place under the sun… I just don’t know, it’s hard to make fluent sentences about this. All I can say, that it shows the beauty of life, the beauty of coincidences, destiny and people. Definitely worth watching!

  • Lena: Shutter Island


When I was asked to share my favorite film with you guys, Shutter Island was the first film that popped into my mind. I know that it isn’t a film with an in depth story or with a hidden message, but this film will blow your mind anyway. The story is about a police officer that has been asked to solve the case of a runaway woman. She is however not just a woman, she was a patient of the mental institute of Shutter Island. This movie is a thriller, so be prepared to ‘sit on the edge of your chair’! I’ll not spoil the end of the film, but I have to say that it will shock your mind. When I watched the movie, I felt like I was going crazy as well as the people on Shutter Island. If you are getting curious why, please watch Shutter Island! There’s one other bonus of this movie: Leonardo DiCaprio plays the police officer! So: this movie is very thrilling and above that, you can watch Leo for more than two hours!

  • Mijntje: The Lion King


I’ve got two lists of favourite movies, one with animated movies and one with life-action movies. This because I’m really into animation and I find it hard to compare the two genres because they’re so different. So, I basically had to choose between my two favourite movies to write about either ‘Amadeus’ or ‘The Lion King’.
While I adore the movie ‘Amadeus’ (if you’re into music definitely check it out) I chose to write about ‘‘The Lion King’ mostly because of nostalgic reasons. This has been my favourite movie for as long as I can remember, I even went to see it in the cinema in 1994 when I was almost three years old. It has stuck with me because of the great story and beautiful art. The story of Simba is not only very moving and gripping, it is also in some ways very relatable and teaches us a valuable lesson. It shows us how someone deals with loss and guilt by rejecting his true calling and how the main character eventually faces his own fears and comes to terms with who he really is. It’s a story that teaches us about acceptance.

Fun fact: ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Pocahontas’ were produced during the same time and because Disney thought the latter would be more profitable they actually put a B-team of production and animation staff on ‘The Lion King’. Boy were they wrong! It’s the fourth highest-grossing animated movie of all time with a whopping total of $987,483,777.

  • Olivia: Dave 


An oldie but a goody. This 1993 classical tells the tale of a president look alike requested to make an appearance as the president for an evening. However, when the real president has a stroke, he is asked to step in for a little longer. What follows is a story of discovery, bravery, power hungry people and of course love. It is quite slow moving compared to the modern day movies but the sweetness and relatability of Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver’s characters will keep you watching and the ending is worth the wait!

  • Rocher: Frozen


Unfortunately I have a lot of favorite movies (and tv-shows) and it was tricky to pick just one favorite but there was one that stood out: Frozen. Now, some people may ‘shame’ me for picking Frozen as my favorite movie but I am not ashamed. The thing is that Frozen is a movie with different aspects; it’s light and fun but also has a little message beneath it. I do not want to spoil (a lot) of the movie but one of the main characters, Elsa, gets misunderstood (she has super powers) and becomes very anxious (about her super powers). The movie learns us that at first Elsa flees from her loved ones because she is afraid to hurt them. But then she realises that she does not have to be anxious about herself and her super powers. For me, this movie is about a young girl that deals with anxiety but finds herself and becomes confident in who she is. And also, during her journey it’s Elsa’s sister, Anna, who helps her and not a love interest, like any other Disney movie. Elsa don’t need no man. Yay, feminism!

  • Pooja: Inside Out


Inside out is such an amazing movie, I recommend everybody to watch it. Especially if you are a Psychology student and also if animated movies aren’t really your thing. The movie is about a little girl named Riley, that moves to San Francisco when her father gets a new job. It’s new, exciting and scary at the same time. She experiences a lot of different emotions. The movie shows you the world through Riley’s eyes and gives you an image of what goes on in her head while experiencing different emotions. In a playful way, the movie explains how the mind works. Ps: Inside Out has a rating of 8.3 on IMDB!

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