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Last month we introduced to you Credo’s special spots in Rotterdam. Let’s expand this topic a little bit and talk about this beautiful and amazing place called the Earth. It is huge, it is unique and it is full of various countries we are all eager to explore. Well, at least we are at Credo. Can you relate to our travel spirit? If yaaasss, then continue reading for some inspiration for your next getaway. If naaah, then you need this even more! Give us a chance to load your thoughts with some wanderlust 😉

  • Elise: Morocco

I’ve had a big dream to travel the world and see and learn from different cultures since I was a little girl. The first country outside of Europe I went to was Morocco and I found it to be absolutely amazing and wonderful! I did a group tour of a little over three weeks throughout the country. I went (among others) to Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, Fes, Midelt and Marrakech. It introduced me to the beautiful mosques, deep gorges, high mountains, friendly and beautiful people, old medina’s (the oldest part of cities, surrounded by walls) and big kasbahs (houses of wealthy families or leaders). Next to these fantastic parts I got to see the wonderful Sahara Desert, where we rode camels and slept under the stars. For me, one of the most enchanting parts of the big cities are the souqs. These are open-air marketplaces which consist of small streets filled with stalls. You can find all kinds of vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, herbs, clothing, shoes, etc. There are so many people and there is a lot of activity which gives it a great vibe! Not just tourists, but everyone comes there, so it really gives you the opportunity to see how the locals live and to meet them!


  • Inessa: Old Nesebar, Bulgaria

One summer me and my friend were staying at a camp in Bulgaria and our “team leader” suggested to take a bus and go to Old Nesebar, which was nearby. I still don’t know what she was thinking letting two 15-year-olds alone on a bus to another city in a foreign country, but I am very thankful for her recklessness! As soon as we arrived I was amazed and with every step I was falling in love with this cute little town more and more. Those small narrow streets, wooden houses and a brick fortress near the beach… The atmosphere was so wonderful! I liked it so much that we even returned there in a couple of days. And then the next year, when I was in another Bulgarian camp, we had a trip planned. But I didn’t wanna go to the museums with the group, so I took my 2 friends and asked for permission to go alone. Surprisingly, they let us! So, I got to walk around this town the 3rd time and even go to the same cafe found a year ago that had the most delicious pancakes E-V-E-R. Since then I’ve been planning to spend my pension in Nesebar. Yes, I know, it might’ve been exaggeration because of the teens maximalism, but only about this pension part. The Old Nesebar is definitely worth visiting if you ever go to Bulgaria.


  • Laisvyda: Nida, Lithuania

I know, I am not original at all this time, but of all of the places abroad I’ve ever been to, this is the one I always want to come back to! It’s a tiny town in Lithuania, one of the few that have an access to the Baltic sea. It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, this is the place to go! It’s so calm and relaxing; spending your vacation in here can really help you reach your inner harmony again! And don’t forget about the fascinating views of the sea, sand dunes, wild forests, little squirrels and random deers!


  • Lena: Sahara Desert, Morocco

One of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had was being in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. We went there by jeep and we arrived around six o’clock in the morning. It was still dark but already very, very hot. O my, it was so hot! We wanted to see the sun coming up above the sand hills, so we choose a dromedary and put on our ‘hats’ for sun protection. The guides walked before us and led the dromedaries through the desert. I had the most beautiful dromedary, he/she (I couldn’t see) had a very light color and he/she was very cute! It was so awesome to ride on a dromedary through the desert and see all the beautiful views. We stopped on top of a hill to see the sun coming up, and I was speechless because of the amazing desert that stretched beneath our feet in the morning sun. I really felt like this nomad, traveling through the dangerous and hot desert. Sitting and riding on a dromedary is already a great experience itself! On the picture you see me on my dromedary (the light, last one). I really loved it!


  • Mijntje: New York City, United States

If you like city trips and have the opportunity to go, you should really pay a visit to NYC, especially if you’re European (or not American) like me.
I loved the vibe in New York, it’s really different from any European city I’ve ever been to. The skyscrapers in Manhattan are so tall you actually get dizzy from looking up and there’s always people everywhere. It makes you feel really small, but also like you’re a part of something big.
I’d recommend going to the MoMA, the Museum of Modern Arts, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There’s some world famous pieces there that you just have to see for yourself if you’re an art fan. These include The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh (MoMA), The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dalí (MoMA), Little Dancer of Fourteen Years by Edgar Degas (Metropolitan) and The Death of Socrates by Jacques-Louis David (Metropolitan).
I thought Central Park was also really special because it’s such a drastically different scene from the rest of Manhattan and a very nice place to relax.
I also visited a Jazz club at the top of a huge flat. Not only was the view wonderful, the music was great and the ambience was really nice.
My favourite thing to do though was crossing the Brooklyn bridge. It gives you the most amazing view of the city and I’d recommend to do this at sundown. You see all the skyscrapers light up and the entire city comes to life.


  • Olivia: Mt. Teide, Tenerife

I had a wonderful week long holiday in Tenerife with my family. We spent 2 days around the Mt. Teide area. It is a beautiful vast volcanic wasteland leading up to the volcano due to its previous eruptions (don’t worry though, it’s most recent eruption was 1909). When you reach the base you can’t take a cable car up about ¾ of the volcano but then have to walk the rest to the windblown summit which rests at 3,718m from sea level. One of the unique things about Mt. Teide is that it is a volcano on an island so you can actually see the sea from the top! We had the good fortune to be able to stay over night half way up the volcano which allowed us to both witness the sunset where you can see the volcano’s shadow being cast over the island. As we got up at 5:00am in order to make the climb to the top of the volcano by torch light we also got to see the beautiful sunrise! I would definitely recommend it.


  • Pooja: Cape Town, South Africa

If you love a bit of everything, Cape Town is the place to be! We were there for less than a week, so we definitely had to make the most of every second. So we decided to rent a car (which I can highly recommend), and drove to the Cape of Good Hope. Rumor has it, the Cape of Good Hope is the southern tip of the Africa. Even though Cape Agulhas actually is the southernmost point, the sight of Cape of Good Hope is astonishingly beautiful and definitely worth the trip. At sunset we drove around Camps Bay, which is really beautiful that time of day. But be careful with your food and stuff when you step out of the car, because baboons are lurking to rob you from anything nice or delicious. For an overview of Cape Town, it’s possible to get on top of the Table Mountain, which is quite a miracle to see. The mountain actually has not much of a real top, but is kinda flat. Another “must visit” place is Seal Island. The Island where Nelson Mandela was held prison for 27 years is open for visitors. It was really touching to walk on the same ground where less than a century ago history was being written. Depending on the duration of your stay and the time of year, it’s also nice to visit Hermanus and spot some whales!



So, what do you think about our suggestions? What is the place would you recommend everyone to visit? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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