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Personal experiences are unique and valuable. Exchanging these experiences can bring many new and pleasant things to your life. Our team decided to reinforce this process by sharing our own favourite things we stumbled upon once and now really enjoy. The first topic we chose is not surprising, but still interesting – Rotterdam! This is a big city, and yes, everyone knows about its landmarks. However, some places tend to get unnoticed: either because we get used to them and forget to appreciate their beauty, or they are just so small and unpopular that barely anyone knows about them. Anyway, this is a list of our highlights of Rotterdam. Hopefully, you will find something new for yourself!

  • Pooja: Willemskade


Photo by Gisela Bhagwandin

This place is beyond charming, the high buildings surrounded by water and then out of the blue, there’s this big Buddha statue. It kinda brings this East meets West feeling. This place has new beauty with it, everytime I’m there. In the morning at sunrise, when the sky is filled with warm colours, the street is empty, and an orchestra of birds fills the trees, it becomes a wonderful place to sit and slow down for a moment. In the evening, especially during summer, it’s so nice to just enjoy the enchanting skyline and share some moments with friends over there.

  • Olivia: Fenix Food Factory


Photo by Olivia Hobden

This is a really fun place to visit, just south of the Erasmus Bridge and the New York Hotel, so there is a lot to enjoy on the way there! It is a rustic, authentic and yes, a slightly hipster location. Inside, there is a number of different food and drink options, from pizza to sandwiches and tea to beer! It has a very chill atmosphere and is a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I have taken many friends to visit and every time I have had a great day… but maybe the company has something to do with that 😉

  • Inessa: riverside of the Nieuwe Maas along Maasboulevard


I’ve always loved water. I find looking at it very relaxing. Last year I lived on campus, so sometimes I would go to this riverside and enjoy the view. Now I live right across Maasboulevard, so I can even see the Nieuwe Maas out of my window, which is the coolest thing about my room. After a long time behind the laptop screen I can just turn my head and see what is happening out there. Mornings bring nice lighting, evenings amaze with gorgeous sunsets, and throughout the day I can watch people walking their dogs, seagulls flying around, and all sorts of ships passing by. This whole area near the riverside is great and I hope soon weather will become good enough to go and sit outside.

  • Laisvyda: The area in front of the Central Station


I have no idea why, but this place instantly pops into my mind. I love it when it’s sunny and warm. It’s a huge area filled with people happy about travelling somewhere or happy about getting back home. People, who are waiting for their loved ones and people who are going to their loved ones. The whole atmosphere is just magical and especially when the weather is good, you can just stand there and absorb that calmness and harmony into yourself.

  • Mijntje: Port of Rotterdam


No, I’m not talking about the “old port” with it’s cafes and beautiful old buildings, I’m talking about the modern, factory and container filled port.
I didn’t grow up in Rotterdam and never set foot in it until I started studying there. I grew up in Den Bosch, in the province of Brabant, far away from the sea (for Dutch standards at least).
Whenever I pass the port either by metro or car I’m in awe. It’s something completely different from what I’m used to and I think it’s beautiful with it’s multicolored lights in the dark and it’s big machinery everywhere.

  • Elise: Rotterdam Central Station by night


When I’m writing this I’ve only been living in Rotterdam for three weeks and I haven’t found a surprisingly great place yet. The exception is the one I visited quite often before I moved to Rotterdam: Central Station by night. On friday and thursday nights there is a train that stops in my old hometown, so after parties or drinks these trains brought me home many times. You might think ‘what is so special about Central Station at night?’. Well, normally it is very crowded and very anonymous. You just walk through it and you’re gone within twenty minutes, most of the time without talking to anyone. At night on the other hand, there is only a handful of people, who are taking the same train and this makes people a lot friendlier, which can lead to interesting or funny conversations!

  • Lena: Tropicana


When I was little I used to often go to Tropicana and have the best time of my life there. There were palmtrees everywhere and the water slides were just awesome. Now, when I see the swimming pool that used to shine with happiness and joy, all I see is an abandoned, gloomy and a bit dark place. All the colourful water slides and the walls are now brown and dirty, weeds are growing everywhere and I really wonder what is inside except for the pictures I have seen. The place keeps my mind occupied because I think it’s amazing how time can change things.

Have you gotten to enjoy any of these places or are you thinking of visiting them after this article? Do you have your own special place? Share it in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you! 🙂

By Credo team

Photos by Inessa Khemii (unless stated otherwise)


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