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You’ve probably read it everywhere today already, but summer is finally upon us! That’s right, the most stressless, party-filled and sunny period of the year has officially started. But why is it that we associate summer with more happiness and freedom? Are we really happier in summer? What are the real summer essentials this year regarding fashion and holiday destinations? Today we will give you the answers to all your questions and more!

As you all know we wrote an article about the S.A.D. (= Seasonal Affective Disorder). Some people are a bit down during the winter period and recuperate during the spring and become their happy selves in summer. But why is the summer the period of revival? A theory about this is the phototherapy hypothesis. SAD patients tend to have their best periods during the summer with a lot of sunlight with vitamins D. During phototherapy, they create a setting in which they simulate a summer day, which stimulates neurons in the brain and gives you the feeling of the summer vibe and consequently a better mood.

However, some people experience a so called Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder, Summer SAD. It is estimated by Isabel Leming, coach at a mental health clinic, that 10 percent of the SAD patients have the Summer SAD. There are different factors that could cause the ‘reverse SAD’.
One point made is that people usually make longer days and shorter nights during the summer. It is suggested that serotonin and melatonin, two important neurotransmitters during the sleeping process and your mood, play a role in causing reverse SAD. Though, it is not exactly known yet how these neurotransmitters affect your mood during summer in a negative way.
Another viewpoint is that people, sensitive to depressive periods, feel an imbalance and have not the same level of happiness as there close friends during summertime. As a result, they begin to feel guilty for not having the same cheerfulness as their friends. This could speed up the chance of getting ‘reverse SAD’.

Even though scientifically said, most people are happier in summer, there are of course some seasonal related points of stress that only occur during summer. One of the most outstanding points is the point of the ‘summer body madness’. Summer means warm weather and warm weather means trying to wear as little clothes as possible so you won’t walk over the streets sweating like a horse. However, this often means that more of your body is revealed and because we live in a world with extreme and infeasible beauty standards, this freaks out most people, including ourselves.

Body standards are a thing that we nowadays have to deal with in society and that is kind of very annoying. Of course, it is healthy and also good for the mind to exercise regularly and eat in a healthy way, but even then you can be bothered with the feeling of ‘not having the ideal beach body’. Stressing about the way others see your body is an unnecessary activity for this summer. Embrace yourself, the only steps needed to have a beach body is to have body and go to the beach!

But what do you want to wear when you are not at the beach, or at the swimming pool for that matter. What are the summer essentials that can’t be missed in your closet this season?
First of all, the colours that you need to wear this season are pastels. Pastel pink, pastel purple, pastel blue, pastels all over the place! These soft versions of all the colours of the rainbow give that soft and sweet feeling of a warm summer night. Pastels not your thing? Go with plaid and checks as your pattern. The classic Burberry checks are back in fashion and oh-my they are everywhere! In the form of a blazer, dress, pants or t-shirt it really doesn’t matter!

Last but not least, for those people who suffer from a serious case of procrastination disease and have not yet picked a holiday destination, let’s discuss the hottest places to visit at this moment. The destination that’s becoming more and more famous for its combination for culture and very, very cheap prices is the Polish city of Krakow. It’s not necessarily the most famous spot, but this city is a cultural melting pot and the weather is lovely this time of the year with temperatures hitting 30 degrees Celcius.

So now that you know all about the summer essentials and the mindset of most people in summer (like the reversed SAD effect), what are you waiting for? Pack your positive attitude, your pastels and your checked clothes and book your ticket for Krakow. Just one more exam and the year is over, enjoy your summer because before you know it, it’s September again. Don’t worry though, in September we will be back with new whopping articles and some smashing video material!


By Lucy van Eck & Jean-Luc Budel


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