Credo Talks: Favorite Things in Winter


This article is the first in a monthly recurring series – “Credo Talks” – published on the last day of the month, where the Credo Editorial Staff shares their opinions, stories and ideas about a subject.

The subject of December’s Credo Talks is: Our Favorite Things in Winter                                           


What happens when the snow melts?

You never know what to expect when it´s winter in Holland. The weather can be misty, rainy, cold or even hot. Yet we all long for that white winter wonder. A time where the bitter cold puts the animals asleep and the trees cry due to the everlasting wind. However, I believe the most beautiful scenery starts when the snow melts. After all the disappearance of the thick layer of white sheds light on the first signs of new life: small flowers grow on the wet grass, the trees are again covered in leaves and the sounds of small animals echoes through the wind. The transition from winter to spring is a manifestation of a new beginning, that every year takes my breath away. That is why going outdoors and witness this phenomenon is my favorite winter activity.

By Melissa de Gast



Coming home for Christmas

My favorite thing about the winter is coming home for Christmas – seeing my family and old friends and celebrating traditions with them. I’ve come to enjoy this part of the winter a lot having been away from my family when I was travelling last winter and now that I study abroad and don’t get to see my German friends and family a lot during the year. I enjoy catching up with my friends from high school who study different subjects in different cities, going out with them in cold winter nights or just staying at home with my family. Coming home has become something special for me. I enjoy the beauty of my hometown from a new, rather touristic perspective because being at home now means being on holiday – I can fully focus on the nice things in life.

By Minou Gandras



Little lights in dark winter nights

When I ride on my bicycle through snow mixed with mud, when cold rain is blowing in my face, and the sun hasn’t shown herself for days, I feel rather depressed. However, there is an upside to the dark winter period: every light seems to shine brighter. Everywhere I look houses, bridges and parks are covered in colorful, shining dots of christmas lights. I always look through windows when I cycle, and in winter the warm fires seem extra cosy and the candle lights appear to be more dreamily. But I do not only appreciate the physical lights more, but the lights in my friend’s smiles, in hugs from my family, in stories, songs and movies seem to be more radiant. Winter makes me appreciate these lights much more and makes cycling to the university campus a little less wearily.

By Jarinne de Jong




Bratislava’s Christmas Market

My favorite winter holidays activity is definitely hanging out with my friends at the Christmas Market (Vianočné trhy) in my hometown, the capital of Slovakia — Bratislava. Bratislava has one of the most beautiful and versatile christmas markets in Europe. In the recent years, they have become increasingly popular with tourists from all over the world. It is my place to be during winter as it involves two of my favorite activities — drinking hot wine and eating good food. Furthermore, there is usually live music and little stands where you can buy practically anything.

By Denisa Debrecká

Image by Miroslav Petrasko via Flickr (



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