Credo Talks: Favorite Drinking Spots


Credo Talks is a monthly recurring article where the members of the Credo Editorial Staff share their opinions, stories and ideas about a certain topic. The topic of this month: Our favorite drinking spots in Rotterdam


Karin: Sijf
One of my favourite places to go for a drink is Sijf at the Oude Binnenweg. The interior of the bar is super cosy, the different levels you can sit at gives the place a nice vibe. Also their selections of beers is greatly varied, in other words any of your friends will find something they like. If you’re a fan of the special beers, this is definitely a good place to go. You can also go to Sijf for a meal, for if you want to make an entire evening out of it. So there are no excuses really for not trying out this small but very lovely bar!

Jarinne: NSR
My favorite place to drink after a long day of studying is by far at the sororities of our city. It is really fun to have a drink with so many other students, to meet new people and have fun together. I myself am a member of NSR, which is one of the six large sororities in Rotterdam, located at Eendrachtsplein. You are always welcome to join for a drink at Tuesday and Thursday after 22:00!

Melissa: YoYo
If you’re stuck in the same old routine, then it might be time to try something new! Rotterdam is full of fun, trendy and authentic drinking spots. For the people who haven’t discovered them yet, I am happy to help! A place I really recommend you is YoYo (yes you read it correctly). Yoyo is a must for every tea or bubble tea lover! In YoYo, you can select your own dazzling and unique flavor and/or topping. Yogurt, soya, milk or tea with a fruity taste, they have it all! For the real experience be sure to try the poppings topping! This is a topping with a fun flavor that pops in your mouth when you drink! So if you’re up for this funny drink or just looking for a way to tease your friend then here is the address: Rodezand 23a 3011 AM Rotterdam.

Denisa: Oude Haven
My favorite place to grab a drink in Rotterdam is definitely the Oude Haven. As the name implies, Oude Haven is a small historic port, located near Blaak. Most of the pubs and restaurants there are very, very Dutch, but there are also places serving international cuisine, such as a Mexican restaurant. Is it a quiet place with a beautiful view perfect for a glass of wine before going to a club!


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