Credo Online: A new interpretation


Credo Online: A new interpretation

Dear reader, esteemed member,

As of today, Cedo Nulli can call itself the proud owner of a brand new online magazine. Ever since we have existed as an organization, there have been people putting effort into writing about subjects they considered relevant to our members. Every year again, members of the Editorial Staff have put their creative powers into writing articles and creating something new. And with every new committee, the magazine developed and was given a new interpretation.

‘Credo’ in its original meaning was used to define a specific religious belief. Over time, when religion started to lose its relevance to daily life, ‘Credo’ was given a new interpretation. Nowadays, it encompasses a general belief or set of ideas that guides the actions and thoughts of people. “Live each day to the fullest”, “don’t look back in anger”, “do good and good will come to you” are well-known examples of a credo. This change in meaning matters a great deal, however small the difference in definition may seem. First, it means that people are open to change to remain relevant. Second, it means that every person that is willing to give ideas a new twist can have an influence on the bigger picture over time. I am very proud that the decision was made to reinterpret what the Credo should be and what it should mean. In my opinion, this development will help the Credo Magazine to remain relevant and interesting to all of you.

I would like to thank the Credo Editorial Staf for all the effort they put into creating this beautiful website: you did a great job. Furthermore, I would like to wish everyone fun reading the articles on this website. Finally, I would like to encourage all of you to give your own interpretation to everything you do. Without change there is no development, and every new interpretation can lead to change.

It may always be that you encounter resistance to change. At these moment, remember the credo of Desidirius Erasmus: Cedo Nulli, I yield to no one. Enjoy the new Credo!

Kind Regards,

Guy du Bosc

Chairman of the XXXIst board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli”


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