Crazy with Credo on Liberation Day


I hope you have slept off you Kingsday hangover, because there is another Dutch Holiday waiting around the corner where you can enjoy yourself, listen to some great live music and dance your ass off while celebrating a historical event. That’s right, it’s almost Liberation Day!

And by almost, I actually mean tomorrow. Today it’s Commemoration Day, where we remember all those who have fallen during the Second World War and any war thereafter. It’s a special ceremony in Amsterdam on Dam square, including a silent period of 2 minutes throughout the whole country. As important as it is to commemorate the horrors of war and those who have fallen, it is also of quite some importance dare I say, to celebrate the freedom we are living in now in the Netherlands. That is exactly what 5 May, Liberation Day, is all about. It’s sort of a discount version of the 4th of July in the United States, with a little less fireworks, but still very enjoyable.

When I was a little girl, I did not really care about 5 May. I thought Commemoration Day was a very impressive event and I always participated in the two minutes of silence. For children, 5 May is basically just the day after 4 May. This changed a couple of years ago, when I had gotten more and more interested in music and festivals all across the country. This is when a friend asked me which Liberation Festival I was going to attend that year. I had no clue what that was, so I googled it. This is when I lost it. I saw so many festivals, all on one day, with lots and lots of great Dutch and international artists. The best part? The festivals were free! No over-the-top expensive prices for a whole weekend, just free festivals where people celebrated freedom whilst dancing and listening to great artists.

The weather forecasts are great, it’s a saturday and you will be free, so there are no excuses not to visit one of the great festivals that are organised tomorrow. But which festivals can you attend then? Well, there are 14 festivals, which I’m not all going to discuss right here. I will go through some of the highlights of certain festivals so you can make up your mind, get your ov-card and race to the best festival tomorrow!

Let’s start a little close to home. There is a big Liberation Day festival right here in Rotterdam, at the Euromast Park. The festival is actually called ‘Zuid Holland’ festival and has got a great line up! From a collaboration of two great Dutch rock bands called ‘Dool’ with amongst others Ryanne van Dorst, to DJ phenomenon Fedde le Grand, who is ‘ambassador of freedom’ and will be flying all across the Netherlands tomorrow to perform on several festivals. There will also be a ‘veteran speeddate’ where you can talk to men and women who have provided us with freedom. You can all find it right under the Euromast!

The Hague
If you want to go a little further beyond Rotterdam and see some smashing rock hits, look no further than to The Hague. On the Malieveld, just outside the city centre, the Liberation Day festival is going to rock your world with famous Dutch acts such as DI-RECT and indieband Rondé. If you want to make this day extra special, you can also visit acts right in the centre of Dutch politics, the Second Chamber where parliament is housed.

One of my personal favourites, is the Haarlem Liberation Day festival. It’s just south of Amsterdam (which also has a festival so you can check that out as well) and has a great atmosphere and some lovely acts as well! You can, amongst others, listen to singer songwriter Alain Clark and his XXL…band. The Belgian rockers of Triggerfinger are there as well, just as MY BABY, who are also ambassadors of freedom.

So what are you waiting for? Collect some friends, get your ov-card and your sunglasses and off to a Liberation Day festival you go! If you want to find out more about this day or see which festivals you can attend got to and celebrate freedom!

By Lucy van Eck


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