S.F.V. Cedo Nulli is the study association for the Faculty of Social Sciences (Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology and Educational Sciences) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. We have 1600 members and more than 100 active members, organising activities for students as a part of a committee.

Over the last few years and in the coming years, both our faculty and Erasmus University Rotterdam as a whole have been working on appealing to a more international audience. More and more programs, bachelor and master, are being taught in English, attracting international students from all over the globe.

We as Cedo Nulli want to be the study association for the whole faculty, not just the Dutch-speaking part of it. That is why we are planning on becoming more internationally orientated, with activities and information both in Dutch and English.

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In September 1963 the study of Sociology starts at the Dutch Economic Applied University. It is also the start of the subfaculty of social-cultural sciences. The new study is an extension of the social economic faculty. Earlier that year on the 8th of May 1963 the ‘Rotterdamse Sociologische Faculteitsvereniging’ (RSFV) was created. The initiators were the misters Werheim and Wijenberg. The RSFV was a continuation of the ‘Rotterdams Sociologisch Dispuut’ of which Master students of the social economical studies of the economical faculty.

The RSFV gains publicity in 1968 when they organise a protest march to block measures by university staff to make students pay for the cost of college materials. In 1977 sociology students occupied the senate room of the university. They thought that that the the university did not listen enough to proposals to improve education.

In September 1978 the study of Political Science start at the subfaculty of social-cultural sciences. A year later on the 29th of August 1979 the study association Parlementir was formed. Parlementir focuses on the Political Science students and is the second association at the faculty. In 1984 the study of Public Administration is added to the social sciences of rotterdam. The study is taught in cooperation with the University of Leiden.

Between members of both Parlementir and RSFV an idea exists to merge the two associations. The students want to form a Faculty association to reduce further disintegration of associations within the university. Also they want to combine both of the magazines of each association. Both ‘Manifesto’ (Parlementir) and ‘Negatief’ (RSFV) merge into one faculty magazine: ‘Frappe’.

On the 19th of March 1985 Minister Deetman of Education and Sciences walks in the new F/G building, where Business Administration and the Social Sciences will move into. Behind him walk, dressed in black, students. Under the roll of drums they carry a coffin with them. It is a symbol for the death of university education and it is one of the first activities with which the new faculty association makes themselves noticeable.

The merger between RSFV and Parlementir finally takes place on the 24th of april 1985. It has been decided to change the name of Parlementir because this association is already registered at the chamber of commerce, RSFV is not. The members of RSFV flow into the new association. There are different proposals for the name including: ‘P6’, ‘Organisatie van de 30e augustus’, ‘de Groene Waan’, ‘Socijo’s’, ‘Cedo Nulli’ and ‘Festina Lente’. After a first voting round three names remain. ‘Festina Lente’, ‘Pact and ‘Cedo Nulli’.

The name Cedo Nulli wins the voting with 21 votes in comparison with 7 votes for Pact and 5 votes for Festina Lente. Cedo Nulli, which means ‘I yield to no one’, is a famous saying of one of the greatest humanitarians of his time: Desiderius Erasmus. Professor Arthur Ringeling describes the name Cedo Nulli in the Yearbook of 1990 as ‘vigorous and rotterdam like’.

In July 1987 registrations for new students of Political Science was stopped. At the same time the number of students for Sociology is reduced. Public Administration becomes the most important study at the faculty. In 1989 the magazine Actor has to end the wild growth of magazines on the faculty. Actor replaces both the old faculty magazine Frappe, that appeared irregularly and the Cedo Nulli newsletters. On 13 October 1993 Cedo Nulli organises the first national ministerial day to boost the reputation of public office. Nine ministries are represented. With Wim Deetman as chair a closing forum debate was held.

The study of Psychology starts in 2001. This study and its students are also integrated into Cedo Nulli. The involved Psychology students organise their first activity in club within Cedo Nulli, however later they are more actively integrated within the association.

Over the years Cedo Nulli has had different clubs or ‘disputen’. ‘Ars Administranid’ (Political Sciences) and ‘Sociologisch Dispuut’ managed to hold on quite some time during the nineties. ‘Money Management’ and ‘Prodesse Coamur’ disappeared rather quickly though. ‘Sociologisch Dispuut’ changed into ‘Cycloop’ and ‘Ars Administrandi’ was followed up by ‘Dionysus’. In 2001 the Psychological club ‘Solon’ was created. ‘Solon’ later changed into ‘Odyssee’ and ‘Equilibrium’ to be later changed into a committee within the association.

After ten years the magazine Actor no longer seems to be the best solution. The name of the faculty magazine changed multiple times until 2002 when the names Trio sticks. The magazine appeared in a coordinated between the faculty and the association.

The ALV, also known as the “Algemene Ledenvergadering”, or in English the General Assembly, is the highest body of our study association and consists of all members of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli. The ALV is held at least three times a year; at the start of the academic year, in December, and halfway through the academic year. At an ALV the Cedo Nulli board gives an account of their activities over the past months, there is the possibility to ask questions and members can give suggestions to the board. At the ALV in September the board changes. The old board is discharged and the new board is installed.

Every member of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli is welcome at the ALV. He or she has the right to ask questions, to introduce resolutions and to vote. Exceptions are named in the Statutes of the association and in the Household Regulations.

1th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1985-1986
Chair – Rob Swartbol
Treasurer – Eddie la Couvreur
Secretary – Hein Dikkers
Advocacy Officer – Marion Minis
Socio-cultural Activities Officer – Irma Bolhuis
Education Additional Activities Officer – Paul Smits
Public Relations Officer – Peter van der Parre
Board member without portfolio – Silvio Ferrero
Board member without portfolio – René Molhoek
Board member without portfolio – Anita van der Wel

2th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1986-1987
Chair – Hein Dikkers
Treasurer – Irma Bolhuis
Secretary – Anita van der Wel
Advocacy Officer – Gerry Nicolaas
Socio-cultural Activities Officer – Arianne Breddels
Education Additional Activities Officer – Astrid Bleijenberg
Public Relations Officer – Hans Leentjes
Board member without portfolio – Jan van Bommel
Board member without portfolio – Rob van Essen
* Jan van Bommel receives the portfolio of Advocacy Officer during the board year after the early departure of Gerry Nicolaas.

3th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1987-1988
Chair – Rob van Beek
Treasurer – Nathalie Hannemann
Secretary – Don Jacobs
Advocacy Officer – Diederik Hommes, Hans Broere
Socio-cultural Activities – Tony Verheyen
Education Additional Activities Officer – Frank Hendriks
Public Relations Officer – Carmen Roosenhoff
Board member without portfolio – Martin van Amersfoorth
Board member without portfolio – Eric Berggren
* Eric Berggren and Don Jacobs put down their functions early. Diederik Hommes followed Don Jacobs as the Secretary. The portfolio of Advocacy Officer is filled by Hans Broere.

4th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1988-1989
Chair – Marcel Roijen
Treasurer – Kees de Kooter
Secretary – Janita Moltmaker
Advocacy Officer – Philip van Veller
Socio-cultural Activities Officer – Robert Boshouwers
Education Additional Activities Officer – Kees Zeelenberg
Public Relations Officer – Martin van Amersfoorth

5th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1989-1990
Chair – Monica Szachnowski
Treasurer – Martin Borsboom
Secretary – Lilly Burggraaf
Advocacy Officer- Jacqueline Honing
Socio-cultural Activities – Anouk van Wijnbergen
Education Additional Activities Officer – Nikol Hopman
Public Relations Officer – Marc Verbeek
* Monica Szachnowski, Jacqueline Honey and Marc Verbeek step down at the biannual General Assembly. They will be replaced by Arnold Vonk, Emile Valve and Marcelline van Velzen.

Chair – Arnold Vonk
Treasurer – Martin Borsboom
Secretary – Lilly Burggraaf
Advocacy Offcier – Emile Klep
Socio-cultural Activities – Anouk van Wijnbergen
Education Additional Activities Officer – Nikol Hopman
Public Relations Officer – Marcelline van Velzen

Interim Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1990

Voorzitter – Arnold Vonk
Vice-Voorzitter – Martin Borsboom
Penningmeester – Rick Anderson
Secretaris – Carolien Slotboom
Com. Activiteiten – Jan Krans
Com. Public Relations – Gerben Schimmel
* Following an amendment in early 1990, including that the association year was aligned to the academic year, an interim Board was formed to bridge the period until the new association year.

6th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1990-1991
Chair – Gerben Schimmel
Vice Chair – Jos Lipman
Treasurer – Joost Eerdmans
Secretary – Barbara Goezinne
Activities Officer – Maurice van Sabben
Public Relations Officer – Irene Beumer

7th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1991-1992
Chair – Willem-Hein van der Loo
Vice Chair – Yvo Smit
Treasurer – Mark Meijer
Secretary – Jonneke Klingens
Officer – Robbert Dankers
Officer – Ronald Nomes

8th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1992-1993
Chair – Dennis Mol
Treasurer – Jeroen Wels
Secretary – Petra Weijerse
Activities Officer – Simone Smit
Activities Officer- Esther Widdershoven

9th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1993-1994
Chair – Rogier Oet
Vice Chair – Roel Beurskens
Treasurer – Nancy Salomons
Secretary – Marileen Klapwijk
Activities Officer – Kris Coppoolse
Activities Officer – Marieke Schulze

10th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1994-1995
Chair – Han Hendriks
Vice Chair – Arjanne Guichelaar
Treasurer – Sander de Bruin
Secretary – Els Flipse
Activities Officer – Margreth van Kuijl
Activities Officer – Hetteke Videler

11th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1995-1996
Chair – Marc Schmitz
Vice Chair – Michiel Vervoort
Treasurer – Kirsten Koster
Secretary – Roland Kroes
Internal Relations Officer – Joost du Croix
External Relations Officer – Eelco Dubbeling
Study Facilities Officer – Nanouke van “t Riet-Visser

12th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1996-1997
Chair – Jeroen Zonnenberg
Vice Chair – Danielle van de Heuvel
Treasurer – Michiel Pat
Secretary – Benn van Alphen
Internal Relations Officer – Cristian van den Berg
External Relations Officer – Stijn Verstraten
Study Facilities Officer – Merie Sigmond
* Vice Chair Danielle van de Heuvel stops after a few months with her function. This function is no longer filled in that year.

13th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1997-1998
Chair – Bart van de Sande
Vice Chair – Mera Oosterom
Treasurer – Matthijs van Meerveld
Secretary – Frederiek van Wickeren
Internal Relations Officer – Renske Satijn
External Relations Officer – Karlijn van Lierop

14th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1998-1999
Chair – Marc Noorthoek
Treasurer – Niels Kastelein
Secretary – Gerald van den Berghe
Internal Relations Officer & Vice Chair – Nelleke Weltevrede
External Relations Officer – Lonneke Kapoen

15th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 1999-2000
Chair – Anne-Marie Bakker
Treasurer – Bertel Geerts, Arjen van den Broek
Secretary – Martijn Peltenburg, Nelleke de Bruin
Internal Relations Officer – Dieuwke van den Brink
External Relations Officer – Arjen van den Broek
Acquisition Officer & Vice Chair – Nadine Vlotman
* Martijn Peltenburg and Bertel Geerts quit the Board after serious disputes within the Board. Nelleke de Bruin follows Martijn Peltenburg as the Secretary. Arjen van den Broek gets also the function of the Treasurer.

16th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2000-2001
Chair- Nelleke de Bruin
Vice Chair – Maarten Hoornweg
Treasurer – Claire Hostmann
Secretariy – Paul Picauly
Acquisition Officer – Kees Graafland
External Relations Officer – Evelien Korteland
* Because Nelleke de Bruin is prematurely discharged, there is a change in functions. Martin Hoornweg becomes the Chair, Paul Picauly becomes the Vice Chair and Evelien Korteland joins the existing Board as the External Relations Officer. Only Claire HostMann and Kees Graafland retain the functions that they already had.

17th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2001-2002
Chair – Rikkert van Bochove
Treasurer – Elise Heijboer
Secretary – Ilze Kooijman
Acquisition Officer – Hans Stander
External Relations Officer & Vice Chair – Andelina Mari

18th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2002-2003
Chair – Arco Strop
Vice Chair – Arjan Witte
Treasurer – Debby de Gelder
Secretary – Martin van Hengel
External Officer – Martijn van den Donker

19th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2003-2004
Chair – Menno Schreuders
Treasurer – John van der Meer
Secretary – Karin Dietvorst
Internal Relations Officer – Thijs Kerckhoffs
External Relations Officer – Martin Kouwenhoven

20th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2004-2005
Chair – Willem Bongers
Treasurer – Koen van Laar
Secretary – Jennie Greevink
Internal Relations Officer – Huub Alberse
External Relations Officer – Mark Reijerkerk

21th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2005-2006
Chair – Yvonne Wilmer
Treasurer – Barbara Graaf
Secretary – Leander Rommelse
Internal Relations Officer – Loubna Raoui
External Relations Officer – Danielle Knieriem

22th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2006-2007
Chair – Wouter Spekkink
Treasurer – Jennifer Burgers
Secretary – Stefan Verweij
Education Officer – Machiel Noijen
Activities Officer – Freek de Haas
External Relations Officer – Jos van Nistelrooij


23th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2007-2008
Chair – Simon van Vliet
Treasurer – Annelot Blankenberg
Secretary – Pim Vrolijks
Education Officer – Anoeska Sahtoe
Activities Officer – Femke Boers
External Relations Officer – Martijn van Delden


24th Board of Cedo Nulli, 2008-2009
Chair – Peter van Helmond
Treasurer – Patricia van der Hart
Secretary – Doortje de Roos
Education Officer – Samantha Di Rocco
Activities Officer – Roy Kerner
External Relations Officer – Gideon van Zwieten
* External Relations Officer Gideon van Zwieten quits the Board after a few months. His function is not filled by a new person this year. Chair Peter van Helmond takes over this task, with help from his fellow Board members.


25th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2009-2010
Chair – Marjon Peeters
Secretary – Robbie Nijsse
Treasurer – Robbert Lobik
Activities Officer – Hans Hoogendijk
Education Officer – Gerda van Reenen
External Relations Officer – Brian Hewitt



26th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2010-2011
Chair – Bouke Geerlings
Secretary – Jeroen de Wit
Treasurer – Fabian Knetemann
Activities Officer – Jeffrey Faber
Education Officer – Connie van der Linde
External Relations Officer – Patrick van der Steen


27th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2011-2012
Chair – Floris Wolswijk
Secretary – Samantha Langendoen
Treasurer – Lasse Hofstra
Activities Officer – Quinten de Coo
Education Officer – Arnold Kirchyünger
External Relations Officer – Ka Wai Tam



28th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2012-2013
Chair – Tim Heijkoop
Secretary – Iris Bakker
Treasurer – Marije Pronk
Activities Officer – Stijn Hagenaars
Education Officer – Marie van der Gaag
External Relations Officer – Robbie Nijsse


29th Board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2013-2014
Chair and Education Officer – Cataline Sinnige
Secretary – Angela de Pooter
Treasurer – Astrid van Driel
Activities Officer & Vice Chair – Laurens Coumou
External Relations Officer – Rosanne de Pauw


30th board of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, 2014-2015

Chairman – Niek de Neijs
Secretary – Hester van der Veen
Treasurer – Robbert de Hoogh
Activities Officer – Pim Groeneveld
Education Officer – Lucia van der Stam
External Relations Officer – Yannick Markus


The work of the Audit Committee (also known as the Kasco) focus on checking the financial administration of the association. Therefore, there is every month a consultation between the Audit Committee and the Treasurer of the Board. This check is a legal requirement, but the Audit Committee does more than that. The committee supports the Treasurer and gives advice to prevent financial risks in order to guarantee the continuity of the association over the different years.

During the General Assembly the Audit Committee will give an independent report on the work of the Treasurer. Then there is also possibility to ask questions to the Audit Committee.

The Audit Committee for the academic year of 2014-2015 consists of the following people:

Marije Pronk – Treasurer of the 28th Board
Astrid van Driel – Treasurer of the 29th Board
Niek de Neijs – Chairman of the 30th Board
Robbert de Hoogh – Treasurer of the 30th Board

The Senate is a body consisting of former Board members who have made themselves useful to the association, so therefore they have a lot of knowledge and experience. The Senate has an advisory role to the Board. During the General Assembly, the Senate is required to report about the work of the Board.

The Senate currently consists of the following people:

Tim Heijkoop – Chair of the 28th Board
Marie van der Gaag – Education Officer of the 28th Board
Cataline Sinnige – Chair & Education Officer of the 29th Board
Angela de Pooter – Secretary of the 29th Board
Laurens Coumou – Activities Officer of the 29th Board
Hester van der Veen – Secretary of the 30th BoardGot a complaint about the Board? You can mail to Senate@cedonulli.nl.

Since the establishment of S.F.V. Cedo Nulli, the association knows nine honorary members.

Pim van der Pol, Chair of RSFV in 1985 and Harry Exmann, Chair of Parlementir 1985, were appointed as honorary members due to their meritorious activities in the foundation of S.F.V Cedo Nulli.

Ronald Nomes was also appointed as honorary member, because of his efforts in the Board year of 1991-1992.

In 1998, the entire Board of the previous year was appointed as honorary member, because of their important role in maintaining the association. These persons are: Bart van de Sande, Mera Oosterom, Frederiek van Wickeren, Matthijs van Meerveld, Renske Satijn and Karlijn of Lierop.

The association has her own song. Unfortunately, this one is still in Dutch.

‘Een pijpje pils’

Een pijpje pils, een pijpje pils,
geef mij een pijpje pils!
Het gerstenat vloeit door de keel
Bij Cedo drink ik heel erg veel.

Een pijpje pils, een pijpje pils,
Geef mij een pijpje pils!
Bij Cedo staan de kratten klaar,
wij drinken allemaal met elkaar.

Een pijpje pils, een pijpje pils.
Geef mij een pijpje pils!
Een pijpje pils, een pijpje pils,
Geef mij een pijpje pils!

The Committee of Recommendation was launched in 2010-2011. It is intended that this Committee would contain renowned people of the Erasmus University, the city of Rotterdam and the province South Holland that wanted to connect their name to our association. Initially, this idea developed because a Committee like this can be important for the image of our association to external relations, such as sponsors or external speaker.

Not linked to the Erasmus University

Mr. J. Franssen
– Former Commissioner of the Queen in South Holland
– Chair of Administrative Platform Zuidvleugel
– Chair of Prince Bernhard Culture fund South Holland
– Chair of Carnegie Hero fund

Linked to the Erasmus University

Prof. Dr. Schmidt h.g
– Former Rector of the Erasmus University
– Professor of Psychology (chair of General Psychology) at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Prof. H.T van der Molen
 Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Erasmus University
– Professor of Psychology (chair of Labour and Education) at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Prof. C.W.A.M. for Paridon
– Education Director of Public Administration at the Faculty of Social Sciences
– Professor of Public Administration (Chair of Economics) at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr. G. Smeets
– Education Director of Psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences
– University Professor of Clinical Psychology

Prof. Dr. R.J. van der Veen
– Education Director of Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences
– Professor of Sociology (Chair of sociology of labor and organization) at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Our faculty association collaborates with other study and faculty associations in the field of Public Administration, Pedagogical sciences, sociology and psychology. Below is an overview of these associations.

Landelijk overlegorgaan Bestuurskundeverenigingen (LOB)

LOB www.bestuurskundeoverleg.nl
LCB www.bestuurskundeoverleg.nl
B.I.L Leiden www.bilboard.nl
EOS Amsterdam www.eos-vu.nl
Curius Delft www.curius.nl
BOW Nijmegen www.bow-nijmegen.nl
Juribes Tilburg www.magisterjft.nl/juribes
Perikles Utrecht www.svperikles.nl
Sirius Enschede www.sirius.utwente.nl
J.B.S.V. Dorknoper Groningen www.dorknoper.nl
Machiavelli Amsterdam (UvA) www.svmachiavelli.nl

Landelijk overlegorgaan onderwijskunde en pedagogiek (LOOP)

Comenius Amsterdam (UvA) www.comenius-uva.nl
Dimensie Enschede www.bestuurskundeoverleg.nl
Emile Leiden www.studievereniging-emile.nl
ODIOM Groningen www.odiom.nl
PAP Utrecht www.svpap.nl
Postelein Nijmegen www.postelein.secury.eu/
VOCUS Utrecht www.svvocus.nl
VSPVU Amsterdam (VU) www.vspvu.nl

Stichting studieverenigingen psychologie Nederland (SSPN)

SSPN www.sspn.nl
VSPVU Amsterdam (VU) www.vspvu.nl
VSPA Amsterdam (UvA) www.vspa.nl
Alcmaeon Utrecht www.vspa.nl
Complex Tilburg www.complextilburg.nl
Labyrint Leiden www.labyrintleiden.nl
Luna-tik Maastricht www.luna-tik.nl
SPiN Nijmegen www.spin-nijmegen.com
V.I.P. Groningen www.vipsite.nl

Landelijk overlegorgaan Sociologie (LOS)

LOS www.sociologiestuderen.nl
Usocia Utrecht www.usocia.nl
EOS Amsterdam (VU) www.eos-vu.nl
GWS Nijmegen www.geitenwollensoc.nl
Sociëtas Groningen www.societas.nl
SEC Amsterdam (UvA) www.sociologen.nl
Versot Tilburg www.versot.nl

Our faculty association is working together with nine other faculty associations in Rotterdam. Under the heading Koepel Organisatie Rotterdamse Faculteitsverenigingen (KORF) they learn from each other and they can come out with one voice on issues that affect all the faculty associations.

Koepel Organisatie Rotterdamse Faculteitsverenigngen (KORF)

STAR www.rsmstar.nl
EFR www.efr.nl
JFR www.jfr.nl
MFVR www.mfvr.nl
FBMG www.fbmg.nl
ERA www.erarotterdam.nl
ACE www.ifaace.nl
Faector www.faector.nl