Are you still watching?


‘’Yes, Netflix, I’m afraid I still am’’ – said every student ever.

Hi everyone! I’m Berdan Kaplan, an editor for IFAACE’S EmbrACE Magazine. As a second-year student in Communication and Media (IBCoM), I’m known to be obsessed with television series. That’s why I’m introducing this binge-watch article to the lovely readers of Credo! Believe me, this is not the first time I’ve written about watching TV-shows. You’ll see….


After a long, exhausting day of school, a boring lecture with the most tiring, monotone, Dunglish-talking (Dutch-English) teacher in the world, you come home to your room,as tired as you can be. There’s an assignment due tomorrow, at midnight. Exams are in two weeks and you still didn’t start revising. You see your laptop with the same tabs openedfrom three hours ago,still no words added to your paper. Your only friend at the moment is procrastination and it’s a sad fact. Let’s start studying: ‘’I can definitely finish this assignment tonight, which will give me time to revise three book chapters, tomorrow’’, at least, that’s what you tell yourself. Finally, you open Google Scholar and start searching for the right academic article that can tell you what the similarities are between binge-drinking and binge-watching for your researchquestion. Of course, Netflix pops up frequently while you are doing serious scientific research. The thought of watching the new episodes of Suitscomes to your head multiple times. ‘’I can definitely finish this assignment tomorrow, which will give me the time to watch three episodes, tonight’’. Obviously, it’s way more important to finally discover how Mike and Rachel end upthan to get that paper finished.

A student-must: binge-watching

Binge-watching is the modern phenomenon where several episodes of a television series, movies or other video-related content are being consumed in a – usually –short period of time. It’s an essential of an everyday student life. Binge-watching enables you to forget about everything that causes any stress whatsoever, which is something all students need. It’s the time of relaxation, where you can zone out and escape the real world. Even parasocial relationships with your favourite television characters are being made. It’s when you’re screaming at your laptop, telling Troy and Gabriela not to break up or when you’re completely shook and get all hyped because you finally discovered the identity of A,and when you cry like a little child because you think you know what’s going to happen to Michael Scofield, or do you?

To help you continue this amazing, magnificent phenomenon (because you know it’s totally worth it), I will personally help you in the process of binge-watching.Check out these articles of Berdan’s Binge-Watch Corner and know what to watch, especially for when you’re packed with homework and assignments (wink, wink): Black MirrorÉliteSense8, and Grace and Frankie

Enjoy, and try not to binge the life out of your brain! 

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