Credo is an online magazine platform for Cedo Nulli, the study association for social sciences at Erasmus University, Rotterdam.
The seven members of the Credo committee are working hard; writing articles, interviews, recipes, the occasional joke and creating a webcomic! Over the course of the year, you can find articles about Erasmus, Rotterdam, Student Life and even the world! Credo will be your ‘go to’ place for interesting facts, top 10 lists and human interest articles, all written by students for students.
There will be a new article posted every weekday, so you had better put some time aside to read, write, share and repeat!

Credo Editorial Staff 2017 – 2018

Bilal Errazki – Chairman

Dear Readers of Credo,

My name is Bilal and this year I will fulfil the position of chairman in this already fabulous committee. I am a 21 year old student of Psychology, born and raised in Leiden but currently living in Rotterdam. In my spare time I will often be either hanging out with friends, listening to music or consuming some other form of entertainment.
My interest in Credo stems from my past endeavors carrying out similar tasks. For example, in high school I was editor-in-chief of the school newspaper. Challenging myself both organizationally and creatively was something that I had really come to miss, which is why Credo was the perfect opportunity to pick it back up.
Having said this, this year I really hope to do just that while also broadening and upgrading the platform that Credo has along with my fellow committee members. Together we will make it interesting!


Lucy van Eck – Secretary

Hi everyone! I’m Lucy, an 18 year old Sociology student and the secretary of Credo magazine ‘17-’18. As a first-year student here at Erasmus University, I find that there is so much to do and explore concerning student life in the beautiful city of Rotterdam.
Therefore, I am looking forward to experience, write down and share new and interesting stories for you all on the credo website. When it comes to writing, my interests mostly lie in politics and the cultural agenda of both the Erasmus University and the city of Rotterdam.
Beside writing, I am a big fan of reading and going to concerts and festivals. I don’t play any instruments myself, but I very much enjoy watching other people play a variety of music, from rock to classical!.
Moreover, I enjoy watching tv-shows for unreasonably long periods of time. I have watched every season of Game of Thrones two times, something I am both proud and ashamed of. I’m looking forward to an exciting year here at Credo with a great committee to provide you with the most interesting, shocking or inspiring stories!


Elika Rehimzadeh – Commissioner of Writing

Hi everyone!
My name is Elika, a Commissioner of Writing in the Credo Editorial Staff this year. I was born and raised in Oud-Beijerland, a small village located in the south of the Netherlands. I’m 18 years old and I just started my BSC Dutch Public Administration at Erasmus. So far I’m surviving!
I like to spend my spare time with friends, family and in my bed. I also run track on the side. My personal interests vary from politics to lifestyle. When it comes to writing, lifestyle is usually my main focus.
My goal this year is to motivate students, not only to do well academically, but also to excel in other areas of life Personally, I want to improve my writing skills and share my words with the public.
Our committee has some pretty bad-ass members this year, so be prepared! I hope you enjoy this new direction we are going. I’m looking forward to a successful and exciting year at Credo!


Jean-Luc Budel – Commissioner of Writing

Dear followers of Credo!
My name is Jean-Luc Budel, I am 19 years young and the tallest one of the committee. This year I am one of the Commissioners of Writing. Originally I am from Velp, a tiny village near Arnhem, but nowadays I live in Rotterdam. This year I started the Dutch bachelor of Psychology and I am really enjoying it so far.
One of my hobbies is sports, practising and watching. I love playing football, road cycling, table tennis and this year I started boxing classes.
On the other hand, I like writing columns for example about sports events. I aim to improve my writing skills during this year, as well as my comprehension of the English language, both written and spoken.
My ambition is to combine my passion for sports and my studies of the human mind in the future, for example by pursuing a career as a mental coach. A mental coach helps people to perform better on their passion/profession by lowering the pressure and using psychological skills.. He/she often works with (professional) athletes, dentists, CEO’s, artists or musicians.
With this great group of social individuals I am sure I will manage that. We all possess very different characteristics and have various qualities in the committee. So this will be a great year of Credo!

Joel Bornemann – Commissioner of Writing

G’day, folks! My name is Joel, I am 21 years old from Hamburg, Germany, and I am going to be responsible for all things international at Credo this year. Having spent three years after high-school traveling and working in various places, I am insanely happy to have finally come to university this year and be studying psychology at Erasmus now. Whenever my OCD-type perfectionism allows me some free time, you will most likely find me on some sort of sports court, reading, or at a bar. I can generally develop an interest in most things – writing, for instance – so if you ever feel the need to discuss something completely random, chances are, I’m your guy. Alternatively, if there’s anything you feel should be talked about more regarding student life, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to hear and write about it.


Cameron Wylie – Commissioner of Visual Design

I am Cameron, a 21 year old Psychology student with deeplingrained British roots. I was, however, born and raised in the beautiful city of Hoofddorp, a 10-minute train ride from the Schiphol Airport. In this short piece of literature I will try my best to introduce myself in the most mildly amusing way. I shall start with what I enjoy doing and what role I will fulfil within in Credo committee.
I am fond of dancing while taking long nocturnal walks through the streets of Rotterdam. I like the way things look when they move and capturing this on video. I marvel at controversial topics, I am intrigued by ones who dare to critically stare in the face of the status quo. As my field of study would indicate, I have a good time introspecting psychologically. Oh, I don’t mind a good sense of humour.
I have to admit my experience is limited in writing. At this moment, however, I am revelling in this(the) process of writing this piece. That is, the first three paragraphs of my introduction.  The coming year I will direct my enthusiasm into the structuring of visual design for Credo Magazine. I am eager to work with others on – what will soon be called – the best online magazine a student association has ever published. I tend to be a tad optimistic.


Daantje Stroo – Board Supervisor