7 unmissable tips to survive your exams


It’s that time of the block again: the exams are coming up again. You can feel the tension within the ESSB. Everyone is studying and studying and studying. All day, all night. We’re filled with stress! But the stress might cause some problems. Therefore some tips and tricks will be shared with you today, in order for you to pass all your exams!

Keep up with your PBL

First things first: it’s really essential to keep up with your tutorial groups. Prepare each one as good as you can. Integrate the notes from the tutorial group, so your summary is complete and exam-ready!

An enhancing study environment

It also works to find yourself a spot where you can work and peace and be as productive as you need to be. For those who prefer to study alone, that might be one of the emptier buildings at the university, such as G-building. Students who prefer to study together, could work at Polak (as long as you keep the voices down). And there’s an app where available rooms around campus are shown, so you can choose where to study! 

Sleep enough

This might be the most obvious one so far, but one of the most important things is to get enough sleep. That means ±8 hours of sleep a day. Sleep deprivation can cause your concentration to drop, which affect your study-efficiency.

Planning is everything

Every block has kind of the same structure and that’s why you can plan everything beforehand. You are able to plan when you’ll study and for how long. Also what you will study can be planned (e.g. which problem or objective). After all your tutorial groups, you can plan per subject or learning objective. This will give structure to the matters you need to study and give you a stress free exam week!

Use mnemonics

As you know, we often need to memorize long lists of philosophers, laws or other kinds of lists. In order to remember those, find yourself a mnemonic, in order to remember them easier. the only thing you need to remember then is the meaning behind it! And I got a simple solution for that too: flashcards.


Using flashcards can be really handy when you use them the right way. You can write a philosopher on the front and his believes on the other. You can also do this for concepts and definitions. And it’s important to mention that you’ll have to write down all important matters for your exam, which has been proven to be the most effective way of studying!


It’s not helpful to study three hours straight without some sort of break. Science has proven that it most effective for you to study between 45 minutes before taking a break. Of course, this is different for every person. That’s why it’s of great importance that you find out what your timespan is for studying. Take a break when you need one. Otherwise you will barely memorize what you just studied.

And a general and final trick that works for every single person: believe in yourself. You wouldn’t have gotten here if you weren’t able to.