7 things people say when you tell them you like to sing


When I tell somebody I like to sing, I always get these (sometimes annoying) questions, over and over again. I’m in a cool rockpop band and we perform sometimes. I’m doing this for about 2,5 years now and we even have our own CD coming up. Rock isn’t really my first choice of music but when you make pop songs more rock it is awesome! I think it’s very funny and typical, so I would like to share them with you! If you also sing a lot you probably recognize these.

The conversation will typically go something like this:

Other person: “Do you have any hobbies?”

You: “Yes, I like to sing”

Here’s how the other persons mostly respond:

  1. “O that is nice! Do you sing in like a band or do you perform or something?”

Well, I don’t mind this question so much. This question is actually very nice,  you can see that the other person is interested and that is kind! For me the answer is yes. I’m in this rockpop band and I love it! This is not a difficult question, but the other person always asks the next question after asking this question:

  1. “So how good are you?”

This is one hell of a hard question.How do you measure how good you are at anything? You can find yourself a very good singer, but other people might wanna walk away or throw something at you when you start singing. Even if you get positive reactions from the people around you, you still don’t know how good you are because people can be nicer to you when you know them. And then I haven’t even mentioned the fact that if you say you are good the other person will think you are a bit too confident about yourself. And whatever answer you give them, they will always say this:

  1. “Sing something for me!”

Okay first of all, that would be very awkward. This would be awkward in every

situation, whether it is in a public place (then everyone would look and think

I’m stupid) or when it is at home (then you will be able to hear all the missing

notes). This is not an option for me, I will not sing if it is forced like this! I sing

when I feel comfortable and when I’m in a good mood. Of course I also sing when I have to perform, but then I have my whole band behind me. Which is not the case when you ask me to sing private for you! When you say no to the other person, they usually say this:

  1. “Ahwww why not? I wanna know what it sounds like!”

I know these people have good intentions and are really curious, but now it’s getting more forced and more awkward. I don’t want to be rude so I politely keep saying no and I try not to say something like “shut your mouth”. Singing can be very scary because you put yourself in a vulnerable position. Because the other person knows you are in a band, they expect you to sing without any mistakes. And if you do make mistakes, they will not tell you that but they will just smile a little and say something like “okay nice” and they will continu to talk about something completely different. But if you are pretty good:

  1. “You should be on The Voice/X-factor/Idols!”

Okay this is very sweet and kind, but it’s not like I just can sign up and be on TV. And besides, just because I sing doesn’t mean I want to be famous or that I want to make money with singing! And even if I do want to, I don’t think you can easily be on TV in The Voice or something (because of the many applications). Another thing people might say:

  1. “Oh you are in a band, I wrote some songs myself! Maybe you can have a look at them and play them.”

Well… I don’t think this is a good idea. It’s less fun if you play songs that are not your own songs, and the most important reason not to play their songs: there is a big chance those songs do not fall within your own music style. Talking about music styles, some people also ask this:

  1. “So what kind of music do you like to sing?”

Uhm… I really can’t answer this question, cause I sing whatever pops into my head! I do think some people like to sing songs of a certain style because that suits their voice, but no way they only sing those songs. It depends on the song, on how the voice of the original singer suits your voice and it depends on how you feel of course.

Does anyone feel the same about all these questions? I bet some of you do! So the next time someone asks you one of the questions above, think about the fact that you are not the only one who is a bit annoyed!

By Lena van de Lande 


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