Interview with: Education Officer Renske Doornbos


Who are you and what position in the board do you have?

My name is Renske and I’m lucky to be the Education Officer of the 32nd board! Before my board year I finished the second year of Psychology and I will continue my study in September.


Can you describe what this position does?

I’m involved with everything that has to do with education!

I make sure there is good contact between Cedo and the Faculty of Social Sciences, and try to improve education with the help of the student representation. For this I attend all kind of meetings with the Management Team of our faculty and the Faculty Council. I also chair the Faculty Student Meetings, where the student representation comes together to discuss the opinion of the students about the quality of education.

Next to this, I’m responsible for everything study related in our association. I’m the board supervisor of (most of) the study related committees, I organize the study groups for every course and provide other study related activities such as a course in sports psychology or a research project!


What is the best part of your position?

The best part of my position is the diversity of it! I’m in contact with so many different people: important people within the faculty, the student representation, companies who provide a course or project for us, the study group tutors, a lot of students.. I also like that in this position I can really mean something to the students of our faculty! By improving education, but also by smaller things like helping them prepare for their exams and giving them opportunities to learn new things related to their study.


How do you experience being a board supervisor of committees?

I really enjoy it! I’m supervising three different committees: the Psychology Committee and the Public Administration-Sociology Committee, because they are study related of course, but also the Activities Committee because it’s nice to also be involved with less serious activities. They are all very different committees, which makes it even more fun! Last year I was in the Psychology Committee myself so it’s really nice to see the differences and similarities with this year’s committee. All my committees are doing a great job, so I’m very proud of them!


Is being on the board what you expected of it? Why/Why not?

I don’t exactly remember what I expected before I started, but I think nobody really knows what it’s like to be in the board before they experience it themselves. This board year is an amazing and intense experience, that I wouldn’t trade for the world! The rest of the board became my own little family and we learn a lot from each other. It’s a lot of hard work and very stressful sometimes, but also so much fun! You have the possibility to do so many cool things in one year, I’ll probably never have a year like this again. I think you can’t really explain the whole experience, so I’d advise you to apply and see for yourself!

If you have any questions about doing a board year at Cedo Nulli or my position as Education Officer, don’t hesitate to contact me via or drop by our office at T15-03!


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